Law and Home Affairs Minister shares distasteful post from fellow MP at Nee Soon GRC

Law and Home Affairs Minister received flak from netizens after he shared a distasteful post from fellow MP at Nee Soon GRC, Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, on 17 June (Monday).

In case you’re not aware, Dr Faishal who is also the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Social and Family Development, took to his Facebook last Sunday to wish everyone Happy Father’s Day.

Along with his wish, he also condemned Workers’ Party Secretary-General Pritam Singh for his “very infrequent” visit to Nee Soon in the last year.

It appeared that the Opposition leader visited Dr Faishal’s constituency while the latter was greeting and handing out Father’s Day cards to the residents on Sunday.

Upon bumping into Mr Singh, Dr Faishal greeted him and wrote in his post that he last saw the man in Nee Soon last November, and before that in February 2018.

Upon reading his post, many netizens hammered him for his “classless” and “backstabbing” caption as he insulted Mr Singh for visiting his constituency, instead of thanking him.

In response to that, Mr Singh calmly replied and wished him Happy Father’s Day, without acknowledging his criticism.

On the other hand, Mr Shanmugam also shared Dr Faishal’s post on his Facebook without including any added caption.

This again didn’t go down too well with online users as they criticised him for sharing such an unsavoury post. They questioned the intention of Mr Shanmugam, who is a senior minister, to share this post that is “cheap and distasteful”. They also condemned his move of continuing this drama when he should have put an end to it.

Jennifer Lee then asked when was the last time Mr Shanmugam “walked the grounds at Bedok reservoir to chat with the residents over there”. On the other hand, Justin Lee noted that he has never seen the Minister before in person, indicating his lack of presence to meet residents.

Tom Pereira praised Mr Singh as others are threatened by him, stating that some people (Dr Faishal and Mr Shanmugam) are “overly concerned by their presence and take the time to upload sarcastic posts show how threatened some people feel and how others would stoop so low and share such shallow posts”. As such, he suggested the Law Minister to look at his own constituency before picking on others.