Photo: Eisen’s post on Twitter

Train delay along the NSL on Wednesday morning caused by train fault

Passengers along the North South Line (NSL) experienced delay on Wednesday (12 June) morning due to a train fault at Yishun, according to commuters’ posts on TATA SMRT Facebook platform. The NSL train operator SMRT did not publish officially on its social media platforms about this incident.

Commuters have posted their information and comments on the TATA SMRT Facebook since around 7am:

Wendy Tang wrote at 07:04am: “Train fault at Yishun . Expected delay 5 mins.”

Ho Jun Yi wrote at 07:06am: “NSL Fault At ADM twds JE 10 min extra travel time from AMK to Kranji.”

Jackson Lee Kiat Soon wrote at 07:16am: “Slow Moving Train/Stopping At Station For A Period Of Time From Yio Chu Kang Onwards (Towards JE Side).”

Wendy Tang updated at 07:17am: “Now say it’s train fault at admiralty . Expected delay fr Ang Mo Kio to Kranji is additional 10 mins.” 😑

Jackson Yang wrote at 07:18am: “Door at admiralty station got issue to open and close.”

Ummu Rif wrote at 07:21am: “Additional 10min between YCK & Admiralty due to train fault at Admiralty. My train has now stopped for more than 5mins, between to-be-opened Canberra station & Sembawang.”

A commuter informed the fault also affected the trains towards Marina Bay and there was massive jam at the platform:

Sunsweet Kms wrote at 07:46am: “Towards Marina Bay as well….even worse. Platform massive jam.”

It affected the trains at Gombak and Ang Mo Kio as well:

Ummu Rif updated at 07:51am: “My current train is now at Gombak. Might take a few more trains to ease the supercrowd. So far aft Yew Tee, the trains are not stopping more than 1min.”

Jun Liang wrote at 07:53am: ‘Update 8am: expect crowded platform b4 AMK towards southbound for the next 30mins due to >3mins frequency [NSL] expect some delay at AMK towards southbound due to more than half-full platform n inconsistent/longer frequency. At platform since 745am. still unable to board at 755am. boarded at 8am.”

Sunsweet Kms informed at 9:10am that the train speed was back to normal after Bishan:

Sunsweet Kms wrote at 9:10am: “Speed back to norm after Bishan… seems not that bad after all during my train journey earlier.”

On the Tweeter platform the passengers also informed and complained about the NSL train disruption:

waning wrote that at noon the NSL train frequency still took too long intervals and the train stopped too long at the stations: