New link road connecting Punggol Central to KPE/TPE to open ahead of schedule

New link road connecting Punggol Central to KPE/TPE to open ahead of schedule

A new link road connecting Punggol Central to KPE and TPE(PIE) will open almost a year ahead of schedule, on 25 November 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on Thursday (8 November).

LTA said that the new link road, which is part of a two-phase expansion of the KPE/TPE interchange will provide motorists with an alternative route between Punggol Central, and KPE and TPE(PIE).

It said that the route will help to alleviate the current traffic congestion along Punggol East / Punggol East Flyover and along Punggol Road / Punggol Way via TPE(PIE) as motorists make their way from Punggol Town to KPE(ECP) and TPE(PIE) during the morning peak. Likewise, motorists returning to Punggol town from KPE(TPE) can use the new link road directly to Punggol Central without having to go through TPE(SLE) and Punggol Road / Punggol Way during the evening peak.

According to the authority, the first phase interchange expansion is expected to be fully completed by the second quarter of 2019 – ahead of the original estimated date in the third quarter of 2019. It involves the construction of roads, three new vehicular bridges crossing Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Blukar, a new flyover across TPE and other associated ramps and drainage works.

The second phase expansion of the KPE/TPE interchange, which is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2021, involves the construction of one vehicular bridge across Sungei Serangoon, new vehicular flyovers across TPE and KPE, a new road from Lorong Halus to Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1, and associated drainage work.

Upon completion of the first and second phases, LTA said that the fully completed KPE/TPE interchange will provide a more direct link to and from KPE, and alleviate the traffic congestion at TPE between Punggol Way and KPE, and the existing access points of Punggol Town. It will also meet the future traffic demands from developments in the area.

From 25 November 2018, LTA noted that motorists will be able to use the new two-way connection via link roads between Punggol Central and KPE, and the new one-way connection from Punggol Central to TPE (PIE). Motorists from KPE(TPE) can use the new link road from KPE(TPE) directly to Punggol without going through TPE(SLE) and Punggol Road.

LTA said that the following existing slip roads will be decommissioned from 25 November 2018, 4.00 pm, which are a temporary road linking Punggol East to KPE(ECP), a section of link road from TPE Exit 7 leading to Lorong Halus, and a slip road from KPE(TPE) exit to Lorong Halus

Source: LTA.

The authority said that the construction of the new link road involved the use of technologies such as Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and precast construction to mitigate safety risks, minimise impact to the environment and increase time and manpower savings.

These technologies have also enabled the early completion of the new link road and will be applied to the remaining phases of the project to ensure continued efficiency and safety, it said.

Mr Yap Boon Leong, Group Director, Road & Commuter Infrastructure Development, Land Transport Authority (LTA), said, “By leveraging innovative methods such as the VDC, BIM and extensive precast construction technology in LTA’s road projects, we were able to reduce labour-intensive works, speed up our road construction process and streamline operations. Such technologies ensure enhanced safety in the construction of infrastructures such as bridges or flyovers. We will continue to tap on technology in our road works to deliver benefits to residents and other road users”.

The authority also advised motorists to plan their routes in advance and follow traffic signs on site to help them get to their destinations.

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