Newsweek rated SGH as the 3rd-best hospital in the world for clinical research and nursing

Newsweek rated SGH as the 3rd-best hospital in the world for clinical research and nursing

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has been classified as the third-best hospital in the world by Newsweek magazine, partly for its clinical research and “outstanding nursing”, following two American hospitals, the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

According to Newsweek, SGH is a tertiary referral hospital with ancillary on-campus specialist centres that provide “affordable care for patients, leads patient-driven clinical research and provides undergraduate to postgraduate educational training for both students and medical professionals”.

SGH’s chief executive officer Prof Kenneth Kwek said: “We are humbled to be recognised for our medical and nursing care.”

He further commented on SGH’s strong tradition of working to improve their patients’ outcomes through integrated clinical practice, innovation, cutting edge research and new models of care. “Our staff are passionate about healthcare and we continually challenge ourselves to do better for our patients, their family members and our staff,” he added.

Out of the 10 top hospitals chosen by the magazine’s panel of doctors, medical professionals and administrators in four continents; four of them from the United States.

The only other hospital in Asia to make the list is the University of Tokyo Hospital, in eighth place, which established the trail-blazing Department of Disaster Medical Management, as published by Newsweek.

The top 10 hospitals in Newsweek’s list are:

  1. Mayo Clinic (US): “It’s the non-profit’s peerless education arm… along with superb patient support” that snagged it the top spot.
  2. Cleveland Clinic (US): “Site of the world’s first total facial transplant… (it) is among the largest medical providers in the world, with over 7.6 million patient visits in 2017”.
  3. Singapore General Hospital: “The island nation’s largest health system, serving more than one million patients annually.”
  4. Johns Hopkins Hospital (US): “A leader in neurosurgery and child psychiatry, the Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic was also the first in the United States to complete male-to-female reassignment surgery.”
  5. Charite (Germany): “On the cutting-edge of biomedical innovation, with biotech start-up labs, advisory roles and business initiatives focused on the convergence of technology and medicine.”
  6. Massachusetts General Hospital (US): “With an annual research budget of more than US$912 million (S$1.2 billion), it also has the largest hospital-based research programme; over 1,200 clinical trials are conducted at Mass General at any given time.”
  7. Toronto General Hospital (Canada): “It leads transplantation research and innovation, accomplishing many ‘firsts’, including a triple organ transplant (double-lung, liver and pancreas).”
  8. University of Tokyo Hospital (Japan): “Japan’s vital medical hub has advanced both medical research and practice, while educating the top doctors and researchers in the country.”
  9. Lausanne University Hospital (Switzerland): “It was one of only two hospitals in Switzerland’s ‘Health Valley’ chosen by the World Health Organisation to conduct the all-important Ebola vaccine trials in October 2014.”
  10. Sheba Medical Centre (Israel): “More than 25 per cent of all Israeli medical clinical research takes place at its state-of-the-art facilities.”
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