Grassroots leader who constructed illegal floor sponsors production costs of MP’s book

It was recently reported in the media that a company belonging to a grassroots leader, Stanley Yeo, and his wife, was found by authorities to have constructed an illegal floor on top of an industrial building.

“The extensive unauthorised floor is a blatant breach of the regulations. Such contraventions will not be tolerated,” BCA and URA told the media. “The additional floor area is not allowed as it exceeds the maximum permissible intensity under the URA’s Master Plan.”

The illicitly constructed floor also means that the owners had dodged paying an estimated development charge of over $1 million to the authorities.

Yeo, who was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2015 and chairs the Tampines North Citizens’ Consultative Committee, has taken leave from his grassroots position. People’s Association (PA) said Yeo will be away for 3 months.

When the media approached Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng for comments with regard to the actions by his grassroots leader Yeo, MP Baey declined to talk about Yeo.

MP Baey gets financial sponsorship from Yeo

Two years ago, MP Baey launched his own book apparently with generous financial support from his grassroots leader Yeo.

MP Baey posted a Facebook message in May 2017, talking about the launch of his new book, “from the horse’s mouth”.

“Really excited to see the colour proof of my new book. It’s off for printing now,” he excitedly informed the public then. “In the meantime, pre-order is available…”

He then revealed that the production costs for his book was actually sponsored by “Mr Stanley Yeo, PBM” but added that the sale proceeds would go towards the setting up of Tampines North Bilingual Youth Kindle Award.

The following month in June 2017, MP Baey’s book was officially launched with Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat being roped in to grace the launch of his book. His fellow MP Teo Ser Luck was also invited as one of the speakers at the launch.

“Really excited that my new book was launched last night. Grateful to Minister Heng Swee Keat for giving me the honour, and my guest speakers Ser Luck, Wai See, Johnny and Weisong for making the programme so special,” MP Baey posted a message on his Facebook page after the launch.

It’s not known how Yeo would feel about MP Baey avoiding talking about him when asked by the media.


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