View of Singapore downtown in the sunshine day (Photo by joyfull from Shutterstock.com).

Warm conditions to continue for the rest of February 2019

The dry and warm weather experienced over Singapore and the surrounding region in the first fortnight of the month are forecast to persist in the second half of February 2019 due to stable atmospheric conditions arising from the presence of a dry air mass over the Southeast Asia region.

The Meteorological Service Singapore stated that the prevailing dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon season over Singapore and the surrounding region is expected to extend into the second half of February 2019. During the period, the low level winds are forecast to weaken and blow from the north or northeast.

In the early part of the second fortnight, localized short-duration thundery showers can still be expected in the afternoon on some days due to strong daytime heating of land areas coupled with convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding vicinity.

The service stated that the showers could extend into the evening on one or two of these days. Overall, it noted the rainfall for February 2019 is likely to be well-below normal.

With dry and warm conditions expected for the rest of the month, the service said that the daily maximum temperature could rise to around 34°C especially on days with little or no rain and when winds are light. On most days, the daily temperatures are forecast to range between 24°C and 33°C.