Will the traffic police do anything about this problematic junction?

On Monday (28 January), a man by the name Collins Voo uploaded a rather disturbing video of him driving at a junction on a Facebook group called SG Road Vigilante.

The dashcam video shows the driver, presumably Voo, driving straight to cross a junction where the traffic light is seen green on his side.

However, it appears that at that junction, cars from the opposite direction started turning right, ignoring the traffic light on their side. Due to this, one particular car nearly collided with him.

Thankfully, Voo slowed down his vehicle and the other car managed to cross the junction without banging into him.

After this video was uploaded on the site, netizens showed their annoyance towards the driver that nearly hit Voo at the junction.

Waqar Amin recalled driving at this junction on daily basis and saw a lot of people ignore drivers who are going straight because they presume that the road is dead end and no one will drive out. The user wrote, “A few days ago a taxi driver almost ram in a family with kids who were crossing from zebra crossing with green man on. Seen similar situation countless time, not sure if #SPF is aware about this junction problem.”

Alex Ang said that the driver who uploaded the dashcam video is going straight came from a U-turn shaped dead end. Therefore, most people won’t use that road except for illegal driver who parked on a double yellow line or infiltrated taxi stand to park on it. Ang added, “People who drives to work in CBD especially marina area knows 80% of the drivers coming from MBS direction doesn’t check before turning. This is a known thing.” 

Looking at the comments by the netizens, it seems that this junction issue has been a long-running one. People who are familiar with the area and uses it on a regular basis knows that drivers tend to just turn right at the junction even though the traffic light shows red. Having said that, this could be a worrying issue if it is prolonged. Hence, will the traffic police do anything to rectify the issue at this problematic junction?