According to a press statement issued from TodayOnline to, the publication had to take down an article that was published on 6 Jan after a legal challenge was filed against it.

According to the quote, Todaywrote wrote, “The article was taken down on 10 Jan as it is the subject of a legal challenge and our lawyers are looking into the matter.”

It is unknown who filed the legal challenge.

While the article is no longer accessible, some individuals have posted the article on forums such as HardwareZone.

The article, “Opaque policies, fixation with KPIs, rankings: Why arts and humanities academics quit NUS, NTU” had about 10 academics who have either recently left or are leaving the two universities sharing their views as to why NUS and NTU do well in attracting talented faculty members in the short term but fail to retain them, due their incessant pursuit of rankings and the relative lack of academic freedom when it comes to certain projects or research initiatives.

The academics were also quoted in the report that the so-called Key-Performance Index (KPI)s imposed upon them are also constantly changing at the local universities, resulting in tenure and promotion policies executed in a haphazard, “random” manner.

When asked about claims that their policies lack transparency, NUS and NTU maintained that promotion and tenure review is a rigorous and “multi-level” process that has remained consistent across all faculty members.

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