Lee Hsien Yang questions AGC’s need to waste public resources on a private matter

On 10 January, Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) took to his personal Facebook page to question the need for Attorney-General’s Chamber (AGC) to use public resources on a private matter, and to do it after all these years.

He is referring to the latest family dispute in the Lee’s family where the AGC lodged a complaint of 500 pages to Law Society about his wife, Lee Suet Fern of a possible professional misconduct over Lee Kuan Yew’s final Will.

In his post, the younger brother of Prime Mnister Lee Hsien Loong said he asked the AGC on “What public interest is being served by the AGC here? Why waste public resources on a private matter, and after all this time? Why is the AGC rushing this in 2019 when the facts were known by all parties for years?”

To his surprise, the AGC didn’t give an answer to any of his questions. Instead, according to LHY’s post, AGC said it referred five cases to the Law Society. However, none of these cases waited five years and none involved a private Will.

“It is unprecedented for AGC to refer a matter involving a private Will, especially where parties have had legal representation,” said LHY.

Since this is a personal matter that is being broadcast to the nation while using the country’s resources, LHY said, “If Hsein Loong has a problem with our father’s Will, he should have lodged a complaint as a private citizen.”

After reading his posts, many netizens couldn’t agree more with LHY’s statement of PM Lee using public funds for his personal gain.

On the other hand, some felt sorry and sympathised LHY’s situation as he and his family has to go though a lot since they’re constantly being attacked by PM Lee.