Dr Lee Weiling: AGC lodged a complaint of 500 pages to Law Society about Lee Hsien Yang’s wife over preparation of LKY’s will

Dr Lee Weiling shared that the Attorney-General’s Chambers has lodged a complaint which consisted of over 500 pages of documents to the Singapore Law Society against Ms Lee Suet Fern, wife of her brother, Lee Hsien Yang over the alleged involvement in the preparation of late Lee Kuan Yew’s will.

The daughter of Singapore’s first Prime Minister posted this information on her Facebook page on Sunday late evening and  the post was shared by Mr Lee Hsien Yang on his Facebook page.

According to Dr Lee, AGC repeats the allegations made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about LKY’s will through his personal lawyer, Lucien Wong, who is the current Attorney General. PM Lee had raised questions about Ms Lee Suet Fern’s apparent conflict of interest that she was involved in the Last Will while her husband was a beneficiary and stood to gain from the removal of Dr Lee’s extra share.

While it is said that AGC claims that Mr Wong who is PM Lee’s former lawyer, had recused himself from this matter, Mr Hri Kumar who is the former People’s Action Party Member of Parliament is the deputy Attorney General.

Dr Lee wrote, “As far as we know, this is an unprecedented use of such legal process involving a private will.”

She states that her brother, PM Lee has been unhappy with their father’s will and his wish to demolish the house at 38 Oxley Road.

Noting that LKY informed all his children and his lawyer at Lee & Lee when he completed his final will and codicil 5 years ago, Dr Lee wrote that the estate secured probate for the will in 2015 under PM Lee’s urging.

She wrote, “At the time, all parties including Hsien Loong accepted the will as representing Lee Kuan Yew’s true wishes” and PM Lee sought to attack the accepted will through a committee formed by his ministers in 2016 and 2017.

It was earlier mentioned that the committee did not inform Dr Lee and Mr Lee Hsien Yang about who was on the board of committee and was only revealed after their statement in 2017 alleging the abuse of powers of PM Lee and his spouse, Ho Ching.

Dr Lee notes, “Lee Kuan Yew, a highly regarded lawyer, never complained about his will. No beneficiary has complained to the Law Society, not even Hsien Loong who was advised by Lucien Wong (previously his personal lawyer, now AG). Why therefore this new attack on our father’s will? Why is this being initiated now, and by the AGC, after all this time? Our view is that this action is wholly without merit.”

AGC relentless in prosecution of LKY’s grandson

Dr Lee also voiced out against AGC’s relentless pursue in its prosecution of her nephew, Li Shengwu for a private Facebook post which is said to be in contempt of court. It is earlier noted by her nephew that he was served with the charge by AGC in United States in a public area.

She also pointed out that the AGC has not prosecuted any party who shared or published his private post.

In fact, TOC notes that it was AGC which publicised his private post by sending out press statements to the media outlets saying that they are investigating Li Shengwu’s private post after a media query. His private post was leaked out by SMRT Feedback and also posted by Observer+ which is a website affiliated with SMRT Feedback.