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NEA will do a stocktake of the social enterprise model at hawker centres

Senior Minister of State of the Environment & Water Resources, Dr Amy Khor said that the National Environment Agency (NEA) will be doing a ‘stocktake’ of the social enterprise model at hawker centres to address the issue of cost and contractual terms used by operators. Dr Khor has also requested that the NEA quickly iron out any problems, according to …

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Around 18 killed and 178 injured in Taiwan train crash

Approximately 18 deaths were recorded after a train in Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan went off its track, resulting in five out of its eight carriages being overturned in a crash on Sunday (12 Oct), according to Taiwanese authorities. The Puyuma Express No. 6432, which was carrying 366 passengers on board, was en route to the southeastern county of Taitung …

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Spike in child abuse cases recorded in Singapore in recent years

A spike in cases involving child abuse has been recorded in recent years, with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) observing an increase of 21 cases, from 873 in 2016 to 894 in 2017. An even more marked increase of 322 was recorded previously, from 551 in 2015 to 873 in 2016. Big Love, an initiative by welfare body Montfort …

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A view on Dee Kosh’s “Social Experiment”/ Publicity Stunt

by TJ I feel disgusted at Dee Kosh’s “social experiment”, not because I’m a Kpop fan (the truth is I don’t have a particular liking for Kpop, don’t get the trend and didn’t jump on the bandwagon). I mean try as Dee Kosh might, I think what he is trying to do is to distract the audience from the fact …

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Capitalism and the State

by Joys Yahoo reported in an article, ‘PM Mahathir: GDP growth benefited capitalists, not workers‘. GDP growth should benefit the economy. But it’s the distribution, i.e who gets what, that is at the heart of the matter. Dr. Mahathir is right that ‘prosperity should spread to workers’, the labor or laborer in the production of goods and services. And not just the …

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SPF media event on how arrests are made is truly “Over the Top”

It is difficult to take a demonstration organised by the Singapore Police Force at the Home Team Tactical Centre in Mandai for the media seriously when the whole thing appears to be filled with exaggeration and hyperbole. With full protective gear, loudspeakers and flaming torches to boot, I wonder if this is a movie set or a genuine showcase of our …

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