Left - Dee Kosh reaction to his Youtube being "deactivated", Right - Dee Kosh revealing the social experiment.

A view on Dee Kosh’s “Social Experiment”/ Publicity Stunt

by TJ

I feel disgusted at Dee Kosh’s “social experiment”, not because I’m a Kpop fan (the truth is I don’t have a particular liking for Kpop, don’t get the trend and didn’t jump on the bandwagon). I mean try as Dee Kosh might, I think what he is trying to do is to distract the audience from the fact that he lied to his fans and was called out quite early during his “experiment”.

In one of his videos, really can’t remember which, he mentioned something along the lines that he and Xiaxue were the only two influencers left calling out the bad behavior of others. I used to be neutral about Dee Kosh, I watch his video occasionally, but after this “experiment”, I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan.

What I have a gripe with this publicity stunt (let’s call it what it is), is his hypocritical attempt at attention. He rode Nicole Choo so hard on her social experiment with Ridhwan, and while he tries to justify his own actions as an experiment, via documenting the entire process and describing his plans stage by stage, it’s as bad as Nicole’s publicity stunt.

What makes it even worse is Dee Kosh actually called out Nicole publicly and then proceeded to do the exact same thing. He became what he hated and now he’s desperately trying to salvage this poorly thought out stunt. I can’t find the video of him publicly calling Nicole out, but I vaguely remember a point about deceiving the fans.

Dee did the exact same thing but he thinks it’s alright because it’s an experiment? Since when do we put caveats on deception? Dee mentioned he wanted to see how far the fans of BTS would go and he said he was disgusted to see how far the fans went – emailing his boss and causing his YouTube channel to be deleted (not even sure if both actually happened).

In his experiment, he offended 15 million fans of BTS, by accusing them of causing your YouTube channel to be deleted. Surely there are other ways to test out your hypothesis of how far fan groups will go through their mob mentality, and sure there are more ethical ways to have conducted the experiment.

In his video to explain his actions, he kept mentioning how the fans attacked him and wished bad things upon him but come on, this is not the first time you have taken the piss at them, and you wish them to be alright.

While this desperate attention-grabbing publicity stunt is lacking in ethics on so many levels, there are discussion pointers that have emerged. Discussion pointers like fans remembering their limits when defending their idols and how far should these online mob attacks go when defending their idols.

I can think of another fan group who are equally vocal about their idol and those are the Swifties (Taylor Swift fans). Dee Kosh could have extracted examples from them and called out fan groups around the world (I mean he has done it before when calling out Daryl Aiden and even SgInstababes), but he chose to embroil himself in this whole “mess”, so that people will talk about him. I must admit for a few days I felt that the Kpop fans took it too far but after Dee released the video on why he did it, I have no sympathy for him and felt he deserved every drop of hate these fans threw at him.

I will go even further and call Dee Kosh a bully. He went on a long tirade and made several videos (IG stories, collab videos, his own videos) calling out Nicole Choo [don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Nicole here, just calling Dee’s bullshit out], and when he did the exact same thing, he is now trying to push everything away. He exhibits behavior traits of a bully and dictates when its wrong to socially experiment. (He will probably argue that Nicole and Ridhwan tried to hide their break up, via their experiment, but don’t forget, you too deceived other [please don’t say its for the greater good]).

I’m sorry, who died and made you God over when it is the right time to deceive fans? As an influencer, surely Dee Kosh knows that whatever he says carry weight. For him to abuse his “power” as an influencer, and deceive fans and neutral parties, is downright disgusting and disgraceful. You can’t say something and pretend you are a normal human being. You do sponsored posts so you can’t switch personas (between a normal human and an influencer) as and when you feel it best fits you.

For me, I see this as a desperate and weak attempt in grabbing attention. I mean Dee Kosh is not new to this whole attention seeking phase. Early in his career, he tried a publicity stunt with Xiaxue until Xiaxue called him out and burnt him on the stake. Now he tucks his tail and follow behinds her as the lackey that will never be as great as Wendy.