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Bilateral relations between US and China a greater concern for Singapore than developments in Malaysia, says Minister for Foreign Affairs

Although Singapore does not deny the significance of developments taking place in Malaysia, the Republic is primarily keeping an eye on developments concerning bilateral relations between the United States and China for the time being, said Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Speaking to Malaysian journalists at the 12th Malaysian Journalists Visit Programme in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (9 …

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Different types of loans in Singapore and its cost

Different types of loans in Singapore

Types of Loans in Singapore and its Financing Costs Individuals and businesses alike, do you know what is the cheapest form of financing and any conditions attached to it? Let’s face it, not all loans are created equal. Why are some loan interest rates higher and why some are lower? What are the cheapest cost of financing and interest rates …

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Nescafé gave bus captains a bright start on International Coffee Day

As part of International Coffee Day as well as celebrating the brand’s 80th Anniversary, NESCAFÉ decided to create a brighter morning just for the Bus Captains at SBS by treating them to a cup of NESCAFÉ and giving them the appreciation they deserve. The team also followed these Bus Captains on an exclusive behind the scenes journey to find out what the Bus …

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NEA should look into why dishwashing charges for hawkers cost so much

by Lim Jialiang On Dishwashing – One of the most perplexing costs that I have seen in the new social enterprise hawker centres is their monthly costs for dishwashing. They range around $800-$1100 a month, and that’s before GST. Think of how much revenue a store has to generate before that kind of cost made sense. In older NEA hawker …

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Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat says Oxfam analysis is ‘completely wrong’

The Oxfam debate continues, now with Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat chiming in that the Oxfam index on commitment to reduce inequality which ranked Singapore as among the worst 10 countries in the efforts against poverty was based on a ‘completely wrong analysis’. Speaking to reporters while at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meeting in Bali last …

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DHL Express recognised as Asia Pacific Best Employer in 2018 by Aon Hewitt

DHL Express has been named Asia Pacific Best Employer 2018 by Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement and health solutions business of Aon plc. This is the fifth time DHL Express has won this award in the region, since 2013. This accolade is conferred to companies which have won Aon Hewitt awards in at least three countries across the region, …

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Why does Minister Desmond Lee attack the Oxfam survey when the picture in his own backyard is not so pretty?

by Simon Lim I take a strong issue with what Desmond Lee said in response to the recent Oxfam survey findings on inequity worldwide and Singapore’s ranking in it To begin, Oxfam is a credible non-governmental organisation established since 1942 whose work governments and corporations look up to and take notice of. Otherwise, Minister Desmond Lee wouldn’t have bothered to …

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Does the Office of the President come with a code of conduct?

Despite having virtually zero political power, the office of the President is still an office that is imbued with prestige in Singapore. The President is after all, still the official head of state in Singapore and that position in itself carries an air of dignity. With that in mind, I query if it is appropriate for our current President to …

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Scrapping mid-year exams will have limited results if govt does not change how scholarships are awarded and scholars jettisoned into high positions

While I applaud Education Minister Ong Ye Kung’s (Ong) bold declaration that mid-year examinations in certain primary and secondary schools will be scrapped, I wonder if that measure is enough to reduce our society’s obsession with grades. From a government who has always focused on the narrow confines of academic excellence despite criticism that this was far too restrictive, the …

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