Paul holds an a B.Eng(Hons) Aberdeen University (UK) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from a Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) Australia. He also serves as President of Macquarie University Alumni Association of Singapore and former Treasurer of Australian Alumni Singapore and British Alumni.He is founder of www.iCompareLoan.com, Singapore's leading Mortgage Broker. His articles have been syndicated/featured on Yahoo, STproperty, iProperty, BTInvest, Propertyguru, TheEdgeProperty, Propwise, Propquest and TheOnlineCitizen amongst many other sites and Interviewed on Channel 8, 938 Live, Love 972, quoted in South China Morning Post, XinMin Daily, Zaobao, etc.He has also given speeches, guest speeches, trainings and/or seminars at NUH Lunch time talk, Far East Launch Talk at Bijou, iProperty, David Poh and Associates, Getty Goh’s Ascendant Asset property, NTU (Guest Lecture on SEO), Panel discussions at GPS Alliance, C&H, Skillup just to name a few.He is passionate about helping people enhance their wealth and in making money work harder for them.

Different types of loans in Singapore and its cost

Different types of loans in Singapore

Types of Loans in Singapore and its Financing Costs Individuals and businesses alike, do you know what is the cheapest form of financing and any conditions attached to it? Let’s face it, not all loans are created equal. Why are some loan interest rates higher and why some are lower? What are the cheapest cost of financing and interest rates …

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How to calculate Property Tax and Annual Value

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

By Si Jie, Property Tax Singapore: Singapore has one of the highest home ownership percentage around the world. Around 9 in ten Singaporeans own a property in Singapore. As a home owner, you are obligated under Singapore law to pay for property tax on 31st January every year. When you first bought your property, did you consider how property tax would …

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Good property agents and bad property agents – How to spot them

find property agent

Good property agents – Qualities to look for Good property agents help you preserve your wealth. Buying a property is probably the single largest purchase in your life. This one purchase often can help you make it or break it. Many people’s net wealth stems from property, a wrong choice can wipe out your savings while a good one can …

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Buying a condominium – How to save and feel less stress

buying a condominium

Buying a condominium is a very big commitment. How do you feel less financially stretched with buying a new home? How to make buying a condominium a less stretched exercise? There are several reasons why people buying their first home feels financial stretched. They have high aspirations and are aiming for a property that is too expensive. The  property prices have …

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OCBC clarifies that OHR is not pegged to 12 year sibor average

OCBC ohr

OCBC Home loans – One of the best home loans out there in the market place. OCBC OHR stands for OCBC Home Rate. There are some misconceptions that OCBC OHR is based on the 12-year Sibor Average when it was first launched. Part of the misunderstanding could be due to the extensive description of how how OCBC derived the OHR …

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Income Tax in Singapore – Ultimate Guide to ace it

Income Tax

As we enter the month of April, it is income tax season, the rush to file for taxes is steadily building up. For those of you who haven’t submitted your tax declarations, now is a good time to take 45 minutes of your time to submit your taxes. While Singapore already has one of the lowest income tax in the …

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Malaysia KL property market – Bukit Bintang Leads the Transformation

Many Singaporeans have always viewed Malaysia with some apprehension. Some say it is more dangerous and not as safe. Well, in a larger country, it is always not as safe if you stray into the less lit areas. What are the key drivers of Malaysia’s transformation? Malaysia is a major beneficiary of China’s modern day Silk Road, called the one-belt-one-road …

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A definitive guide on en bloc sales process in Singapore

Enbloc sales - Mayfair Gardens

By Paul Ho Singapore’s en-bloc sales process starts off officially with the forming of the Collective Sales Committee (CSC). A minimum of 20% of the share values or owners comprising 25% of the total number of subsidiary proprietors’ votes. Owners of developments which failed in an earlier round of En bloc sales in Singapore need to wait 2 years before re-starting …

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