Nescafé gave bus captains a bright start on International Coffee Day

As part of International Coffee Day as well as celebrating the brand’s 80th Anniversary, NESCAFÉ decided to create a brighter morning just for the Bus Captains at SBS by treating them to a cup of NESCAFÉ and giving them the appreciation they deserve. The team also followed these Bus Captains on an exclusive behind the scenes journey to find out what the Bus Captains do to get ready to start the city running, whilst everyone else is still sleeping.

This strongly brought forth and reinforced NESCAFÉ’s beliefs and values of connecting with local communities, creating a better start to their mornings; and sharing the quality and creativity of a delicious sustainable coffee.

Mr Chow Phee Chat, Director, Marketing and Communications of Nestlé Singapore said: “It is heart-warming to see the look of surprise and thankful reactions of the employees who work tirelessly to ensure that we start our day well. They are often overlooked as service providers since not many people are awake during the early hours to know what they are doing, so I think this initiative will put the spotlight on these drivers and encourage more commuters to show appreciation to them as they stop to think about the start of their days through the eyes of the drivers.”