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Singapore Table Tennis Association replies TOC with threat of legal action for enquiry then goes on Facebook to deny claims of election misconduct

In response to a Facebook post on 16 September by Mr Tan Kai Kok alleging misconduct of the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) Management Committee elections during a biannual general meeting, the STTA issued a media statement refuting his claims. STTA said the Facebook post contained serious untrue statements and they disagree with the allegations made by Mr Tan in …

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SingHealth quietly blocks access to webpage featuring its “International Medical Service”

After news surfaced yesterday (30 Sep) that Ministry of Health (MOH) had instructed all public hospitals to terminate their contracts with foreign agents who refer foreign patients from overseas to them, SingHealth has quietly blocked access to its web page featuring its “International Medical Service”. In a public statement yesterday, MOH said that the priority of public healthcare institutions is …

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Community Action Network and Demosisto says prosecution of activist Jolovan Wham for Skype discussion deeply regrettable

The Community Action Network and Demosisto have released a joint statement criticising the prosecution ofJolovan Wham, a social worker and activist, for holding a Skype discussion which the police have deemed an ‘illegal public assembly’. Five members of the Community Action Network along with the Secretary-General of Demosisto, Joshua Wong endorsed the statement which says the prosecuting a citizen for …

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By allowing medical tourism to flourish while citizens deprived of healthcare, is irresponsibility by govt at the highest level

by Simon Lim The news on Sunday that Ministry of Health (MOH) had put a stop to foreign patient referral contracts with local government hospitals must have shocked and angered many Singaporeans. Unlike private hospitals, government hospitals operate using taxpayers’ monies and their first priority must always be directed towards Singaporeans’ healthcare interests and well-being. But now we know better. …

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Is Singapore’s competition watchdog, a dog without teeth?

It has been announced that Singapore’s competition watchdog will be conducting a public feedback gathering exercise in relation to the proposed acquisition of kopitiam by NTUC Enterprise. While I am heartened that the competition watchdog has finally risen to action on this issue, I am disappointed that the watchdog did not take action sooner. If the proposed acquisition does go …

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