Source: Mr Daniel Loh Facebook page.

Workers’ Party NCMP finds lost cat for resident while doing his walkabout

Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Daniel Goh wrote a story of him and his daughter Leandra founding a lost cat in one of the HDB estates of sprawling Bedok Reservoir Punggol.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (30 August), Mr Daniel wrote that he was doing his routine to walk a few blocks in the estate to help provide feedback on estate issues to the hardworking, overstretched Aljunied Hougang Town Council officers, when they saw a poster of a missing cat.

“We kept seeing the poster of the lost kitty at every lift lobby, each one the sadness of the owner sank in heavier and deeper,” he wrote.

However, as they turned the corner on the sixth floor, they found the kitty looking at them scared, looking down sadly.

Leandra then stayed with the kitty, while Mr Daniel went downstairs to call the owner.

“There was that tearful mix of elation, relief and anxiety in the lady’s voice. Funny thing was the lady rushed past Leandra on the seventh floor, pressing the lift button repeatedly, until Leandra called to her from the staircase,” he recalled the incident.

“A most happy reunion of a hungry kitty lost for two days with her loving owner. And a big, wide smile in our hearts for the rest of the day,” he ended.

The post gained positive and supportive comments from members of the public.

Carmen Wee wrote, “This meaningful gesture goes a long way at connecting with your citizenry and shows you are real and authentic and not living in an ivory tower.

Resnanny See Ya wrote, “We really need a MP touch on cat issues.
To LEGALLY allowed KEEPING cats in HDB flats but with compulsory meshed windows and gate.
And town councils must allowed water bowls at designated spots.
Water bowl with TC sticker will prevent cleaners mistook bowl as litters and cleared away.”

Cai Jiamin wrote, “Compassion towards innocent animals. Thumbs up! We need people like that to lead us, who truly care for the people, not taking care of their own interests.”