Source : Stomp.

Cow seen at lift landing of block 506B in Yishun

Netizens were taken by surprise as a picture of a cow waiting for a lift at the lift landing of block 506B in Yishun made its rounds online.

In the pictures posted on Stomp, a man wearing a blue t-shirt and red shorts was seen accompanying the cow walking towards the lift.

Source : Stomp.

The second picture showed the cow walking inside the lift with the man following closely behind.

Source : Stomp.

This was not the first time such an incident has taken place.

In 2014, a cow and a calf led a procession of about 40 people through the estate of Eight Courtyards condominium in Canberra Drive.

The New Paper reported on 8 December that a cow was brought into the home of the Thiagarajen family, who lives on the 14th floor. The family had just moved into their new place and the cows were there to do a house blessing.

Mrs Sri Vanitha was delighted at the arrival of the animals to her newly-renovated home and even more when it was defecating and splashing urine all over the living room floor. She said,”It’s the first time in my house and I’m very contented. It is a blessing.”

She also subsequently said she would not clean up the house – “It is an awesome smell, it’s so divine. I will not be cleaning it up, at least not for the next three days.”

According to Hindu beliefs, bringing a cow into the house is a blessing for newly built homes, as it represents Lord Shiva and its dung is regarded as a blessing to that particular place.

Permits from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) are required each time the cows are taken out of the farm. A dairy farm staff would then do a survey of the location before each house blessing or temple visit, including measuring the size and maximum load of the lift, as well as checking the size of the house to determine which cow from the farm is suitable for the visit.

Each cow has its own handler and worker who cleans up after them.

A Stomper, Mr Barak, said that the fee for this ritual is quite expensive as one need to pay around $1,000 to $5,000. They also need to seek permits from Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Many people commented at the ritual. Many of them showed their support.

Sovino Nuhalim wrote, “Makk!! Cow!!! It is a custom need to respect. We are all in a multi-racial country. No harm. May the owner have a bless.”

Vidya Sandrasagaran wrote, “Hindu’s worship cow as god and it’s our tradition that people bring a cow to their home to seek blessings and they would send them back to their farms. They are not harming the cow in any way. There is nothing to make fun of and yes it’s happening in Yishun it could happen at your estates as well is just that nobody has taken a picture of it yet. If you can’t respect our beliefs then I suggest keep the comments to yourself. If it’s not allowed I guess HDB would not have approved this in the first place.”

Kaarthi Komathi Tamilselvan wrote, “I guess some should just shut up and don’t make fun of our religion. Every religion has their own belief. As the Chinese have Lion dance to shops n houses to prosper their wealth and bring gd luck to them and also the positive energy and here it goes the same to Hindus to bring a cow to their house. We pray to them to our god too and therefore we can’t eat cow cos it’s like a mother to us. Those who can afford they will bring a cow to their house to get blessings or else in some cases maybe the HDB don’t approve. STOP making fun of other religion. Respect all religion as Singapore is a multi-racial country and I find that it’s becoming more racist and anti-social nowadays. And on special note, HINDUISM is the oldest religion. A Hindu.”