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Netizens up in arms over unjustified dismissal of SMRT train driver

It has been reported that the SMRT Corporation had fired the train driver who was involved in the fatal accident on 22 March, that claimed the lives of two SMRT maintenance staff along the track at a servicing point near Pasir Ris station. Mr Rahmat Mohd, 49, the train driver involved in the accident in March, had been assigned to …

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CPF schemes inadequate, writes former GIC Chief Economist

By Yeoh Lam Keong With due respect to the very able Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman, and while the admission of the dysfunction of the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) is a good and honest admission, I find his discussion of retirement adequacy and the CPF somewhat.. well.. inadequate. First and foremost, while the CPF is a transparent and safe forced …

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Retired ST journalist: Do not stoop so low to amend Constitution out of fear

Mr Ismail Kassim, a retired senior political correspondent from Straits Times,has written a note on Facebook addressed to the Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong about the proposed amendments to the Elected Presidency (EP). Mr Kassim wote in his note that he cannot think of any other issues in the past thirty years that have caused such a wide and deep …

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Water “ponding” in SMRT trains on East-West Line

A TOC reader. Ron Goh posted a photo of a train on the East West Line, showing a pool of water on the train cabin floor. He wrote, “I just brought onto a smrt train from Bugis and everywhere there are water all over the cabin floor.”, the photo was uploaded at about 2pm on Wednesday (14 September). There had …

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Public Transport Council to begin its 2016 fare review exercise

,Public Transport Council (PTC) has announced in a media statement on 13 September that the 2016 Fare Review Excercise has commenced. PTC said that the date line for train operators to submit fare adjustment applications for consideration is 7 October 2016. PTC noted that with the transition of the public bus industry to the bus contracting model, bus operators will not …

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Netizens point out that minority candidate for president is an act of tokenism

The report by the Constitutional Commission headed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on the Elected Presidency review has been released on last Wednesday (7 September) . The review that was initiated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took six months of deliberation based on feedback from four public hearings and more than 100 written submissions. One of the key recommendations offered by …

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