Water “ponding” in SMRT trains on East-West Line

A TOC reader. Ron Goh posted a photo of a train on the East West Line, showing a pool of water on the train cabin floor.

He wrote, “I just brought onto a smrt train from Bugis and everywhere there are water all over the cabin floor.”, the photo was uploaded at about 2pm on Wednesday (14 September).

There had been a heavy downpour of rain all over Singapore in the morning and afternoon of Wednesday.

Source: National Environment Agency
Source: National Environment Agency

Twitter user, Ken Ying posted a video of the cabin, and wrote, “Poor design of Tanah Merah station cause rivers of water through MRT train during downpour!”

Facebook user, Mihar Nirza also posted a series of photos on her account this morning, asking if there is water seepage along the East-West Line.


From the posts, it would seem that there have been a couple of trains hit with the same issue of “ponding” due to the heavy rain. But despite the water in the cabin, services on the East-West Line are running as per normal.