Copyright holders urged Google to remove 500 million infringing links

More than 500,000,000 allegedly infringing links on internet search engine, Google were asked to be removed by the copyright holders.

The number of the links being reported during early six months of 2016 has almost reached the amount of the reports made the entire year of 2015.

In the updated “How Google Fights Piracy” report, Google, the company claims that it has made the necessary efforts in countering some of the entertainment industry complaints about the piracy.

“Online piracy in general appears to be on the decline, but despite these advances, Google continues to take the fight against online piracy extremely seriously,” it said.

But entertainment industry groups such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), British Recorded Music Industry (commonly known as British Pornographic Industry, BPI), and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have shown continuously that many files simply reappear under new URLs.

The RIAA CEO Cary Sherman said, “It’s like ‘Groundhog Day’ for takedowns.”

Google claimed that 98 per cent of the reported URLs have been removed. It said, “The growing number of notices sent to Google by an increasing volume of different copyright owners and enforcement agents demonstrates the effectiveness and success of the notice-and-take-down system.”

“As the internet continues to grow rapidly, and as new technologies make it cheaper and faster for copyright owners and enforcement agents to detect infringements online, we can expect these numbers to continue to increase,” Google adds.

Still, the copyrighters think that it is just not enough and they demand Google to take a tougher stance on the issue.

“This report looks a lot like ‘greenwash’. Although we welcome the measures Google has taken so far, it is still one of the key enablers of piracy on the planet,” BPI CEO Geoff Taylor said.

Since it has become clear that the agreement between both sides will not occur anytime soon, the copyrighters hope that the government will step in to intervene in some points.

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