Photo credit - Straits Times

A man stabbed outside a hostel at Jalan Besar

A 42 years old man was being stabbed outside the Trey Hostel adjacent to KSP pub and KTV along Jalan Besar on July 11.

Police said that a call was made to the station to ask for their assistance at 11.19 am. They arrived at the scene in 10 minutes. They found the man laid motionless.

Around 11.30, the victim was pronounced dead by the paramedic and the police classify this unnatural death as murder.

A 48 years old man, only wanted to be known as Mr JS, said he saw the victim and another man. He said the man was carrying what appeared to be a knife wrapped in newspapers. They walked out from KSP pub and KTV.

The two of them had a huge fight that a friend needed to separate them. The victim was said to have yelled at the man in Hokkien, “Yes, I owe you money, but we are brothers, so why the need to bring out weapon?”

The victim then challenged the man to have a fight at a nearby alley then crossed the road. But when the man did not follow him, he ran back at the man and mocked the man again. That was when the man stabbed the victim.

A 55 years old man, only wanted to be known as Ah Huat, said to the Straits Time that he was eating at a stall nearby and later saw the man stabbed the victim three times – in the chest, arm and leg.

Mr Shammy, the hostel manager, said he ran down and tried to save the victim by put pressure on the wound, “I ran out and saw him use his hand to cover the wound on the left side of his chest. He was screaming in pain and blood was coming out from his chest and nose,” he said. The victim was bleeding heavily, mostly from the chest.

“That’s all I could do. I felt helpless,” he added. He stayed with the victim and waited for the ambulance to come. But within 7 minutes, the victim’s pulse faded.

Someone who tried to help the victim asked his name, but he was severely injured that he did not able to answer the question.

This incident is the third one of a similar case happened during just three days. The others took place at Geylang and Yishun. A 20 years old man was arrested in a relation to a murder in Yishun.

Anyone with information is requested to call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online at All information will be kept strictly confidential.