Thai broadcaster, Nation TV releases first photo of bank robbery suspect

Thai broadcaster, Nation TV has released the image of the suspect, who is alleged to be involved in the bank robbery that took place on 7 July, that it obtained from the Royal Thai Police (RTP) this morning.

Nation TV reports that the suspect, David James Roach, 26, a Canadian was arrested by the joint forces of Thai immigration police and Bangkok Police unit.1. The operation was reported to be coordinated by Maj Suchart Thirasawas, Assistant Police Chief along with his vice, Nitthithon Jintakan.

It is reported that the suspect was apprehended at his backpacker hostel at Soi Phetchaburi Road, Phayathai in Bangkok by the RTP at around 3pm on July 10. The Thai police also shared that over 10,000 US dollars were found in his room.

RTP concluded that the suspect had entered Thailand via Suvarnabhumi Airport on July 7 last week. They gathered where he was staying through investigating areas of tourist hotspots.

In RTP’s preliminary investigation, the suspect denied all allegations against him however the police is not convinced of his innocence and will continue its investigations.

The assistant police chief shared that there will be a press conference by the police on 13 July at about 10 am.

The robbery on 7 July was reported to have happened only within the span of a few minutes. The suspect walked toward the teller unarmed then handed her a note. She took the money and handed him $30,000. The Singapore Police Force was then informed of the case of robbery at the said branch by the bank after the suspect had left the scene.

Upon receipt of the report, officers from Clementi Division, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) and the Police Intelligence Department (PID) responded immediately and conducted investigations and pursued all available leads.

SPF through the investigations managed to establish the identity of the suspect on the same day but he had already left Singapore for Bangkok, shortly after the crime was reported.

SPF announced yesterday that it has been in communication with the RTP, and obtained their assistance in locating and arresting the suspect. The Police did not release further details beyond the initial police statements for operational reasons to ensure the arrest operation was not jeopardised.

The Singapore authorities are currently engaging RTP in Thailand to see whether the suspect can be released into the Singapore’s custody.

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