Elevator door half-closed and still operating at Pasir Ris-Punggol town council

Elevator not operating? A troubling experience for many residents who live in the high-rise buildings of modern day. But what about a half-operating elevator that operates while its doors are not operating properly? Likely to be a scary experience for many.

A video shot by Ben Tng shows an elevator operating while its door is only half closed, exposing the moving lift to passengers and also access to the elevator shaft.

Ben said that he filmed it on Friday morning while sending his boy to school. Ben stays at level 16 of the block.

TOC understands from Ben that his flat is situated in the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC.

In his Facebook post, he said that he had called the 24hrs hotline at 7.25am to inform them about the fault. But when he came home at 9.00am. He was greeted with a group of residents was crowding around at the lift lobby, wanting to call the town council. He told them that he had called at 7.25am, but nobody came.

According to Ben, the residents were worried about young children too. When he again called the town council at 9.03am, the town council said that they were aware of the issue.

Timeline of Ben’s call for assistance
7.30am – 1st call to hotline to report the fault.
9.00am – Still nothing done. 2nd report made.
10.00am – Lift under maintenance after attended by the maintenance team.
3.20pm –  Lift was in operation.
3.28pm – Town council called to say the maintenance team working on it.

Ben shared that he happened to bump into the manager from the town council checking the lift. Said that the manager had no clue what happened and was shocked when shown the video on his phone. The manager was embarrassed when I questioned him and walked away.

“Who says our town council is efficient? 1.5hrs passed, they cannot even get somebody to arrive at the scene. …My Town Council…… judge it yourself…” said Ben.

One commenter commented, “If this happen(ed) in Aljunied Hougang Town council jialat.”

TOC has written in to Pasir Ris Punggol GRC for comments.