Cat feeders on the alert after strays cats found poisoned at Pasir Ris Park


Video of interviews with cat feeders at Pasir Ris Park

Cat feeders at the Pasir Ris Park were left devastated after cats went missing and started showing up as dead bodies in late stages of decay.

The sterilised stray cats that are looked after by cat feeders at Pasir Ris Park was said to have gone missing on June 14 and eventually seven was found dead. Till today, four are still missing.

dead cat
One of the cats found dead in a better state than the rest

The cat feeders did not know initially what had caused the death of the cats.

After they sighted first body on Wednesday, they asked around with the cleaners, and got to know that they already cleared other bodies.

Former Cat Welfare Society vice-president Veron Lau said to media that  “It is quite unusual, and we suspect the cats might have crawled into the drains and died there,”.

The cat feeders had a relief when “Angel”, one of the strays that have gone missing was found at one of the bushes along Water Venture. When the cat was found, it was lying down on the ground, struggling in pain.

It is not known how long was the cat in the condition, but the cat feeders had to deliberate on how to handle the cats because of financial difficulties.

Fortunately, with the aid of kind Samaritans responding promptly to an online call for donations, the cat was saved after sending it to the emergency animal clinic.

It is through “Angel” that the cat feeders are informed that the cats are likely to have been poisoned, as the results on the cat showed toxins in the liver that indicates poisoning.

report on cat
Mdm Zakiah, takes the morning shift to feed the cats and has been doing it for the past ten over years. She was the first person who found the bodies of cats and also the person who spotted traces of unknown fish crumbs scattered around the area.

fish crumbs
Fish crumbs found on the ground

It is said that Mdm Zakiah was extremely traumatised over the loss of the cats and reached a point where she has no tears to shed after crying over many days. According to the cat feeders, Mdm Zakiah now views strangers in the area as a possible suspect in the poisoning of the cats.

Ms Noorfaradila Ibrahim, one of the cat feeders in the evening shift said that she and her husband has been feeding the cats for a couple of years, and nothing of sorts has happened. Except for the usual attacks by stray dogs, as described by Ms Noofaradila’s husband.

Ms Noorfaradila, said she smelled a stench coming from a drain. One of the bodies found in the drain was just fur when it was discovered by the cat feeders

Ms Hashimah Hassan, a cat feeder who feeds at another carpark says she put off her holiday so to handle this current issue and to make sure that her cats are safe. Feeding the cat everyday and counting each of them to make sure that they are accounted for.

It is unknown who is responsible for putting the fish crumbs around for the cats or whether the fish crumbs are indeed poisonous.

What was out of the norm for the past few weeks, was the event, “Water Venture Adventure Challenge” held right next to the Water Venture building, under People’s Association. The event that was held on 21 June, had Deputy Prime Minister, Teo Chee Hean as the guest of honour.

water challenge
Event held right next to where the cats used to roam

TOC understands that this led to a massive cleaning operation to clear up the place in light of the presence of DPM Teo. A week before the event, the cleaners at the area had warned the feeders to relocate the cats as they have been instructed to clean the place thoroughly due to the walk that will be carried out.

The cats went missing, and their bodies found soon after.

Coincidence for the mass cat killer to appear right a week before the event with Deputy Prime Minister without any prior incident of such happenings?

Water Venture has yet responded to queries by the Cat Welfare Society and has largely kept quiet over the matter.

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) have asked for samples of blood to be sent to them. But based on experience by cat caretakers, AVA is unlikely to follow up on the matter, and they would not divulge any results from the testing. If any questions were to be asked, AVA’s response would be the matter “is under investigation”.

TOC understands traces of fish crumbs have been found again at the site and has been sent to AVA for analysis.