Possible “Serial cat killer” invented to protect Deputy Prime Minister’s reputation?

“A serial cat killer may be on the loose”, reports mainstream media on the recent deaths of stray cats at Pasir Ris Park.

Visit their report in the links below:
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Today Online – Dead felines at Pasir Ris Park spark concerns of serial cat killer

The titles lacks any originality, which may imply that the angle of the story was fixed.

According to what TOC gathered, nothing had happened to the cats for years till the recent event, “Water Venture Adventure Challenge” that was held right next to the Water Venture building, under People’s Association where the cats roam.

The event that was held on 21 June, had Deputy Prime Minister, Teo Chee Hean as the guest of honour.

water challenge
Event held right next to where the cats used to roam

TOC understands that this led to a massive cleaning operation by the Water Venture to clear up the place in light of the presence of DPM Teo.

A week before the event, the cleaners at the area had warned the feeders to relocate the cats as they have been instructed to clean the place thoroughly due to the walk that will be carried out.

Water Venture has declined to meet representatives from the National Parks and Cat Welfare Society to talk about the issue.

Event at Pasir Ris Park not reported

So apart from TOC, this detail was given to the mainstream media but was it reported?

Just why did the mainstream media leave out the fact that the event which Deputy Prime Minister, Teo Chee Hean was held just last Sunday and that there was a “clean-up” operation by PA’s Water Venture?

If similar circumstantial evidence were presented in court for murder, Attorney General Officer could surely find one guilty of murder by proving that the person had the right motivation and unusual circumstances surrounding the incident.

The cats disappeared all at once, instead of one by one. Which begs the question of why MSM labelled the cat killer as a serial cat killer when it was only a one-time incident, a better description of this perpetrator would be mass cat killer.

While DPM Teo would likely have no idea of what was done prior to his presence as VIP for the event, but having the death of the cats being mentioned along with his name, would be certainly negative publicity.

Should the points were highlighted in media, there is no doubt what conclusion would members of the public come to after all these years dealing with individuals from People’s Association and the Resident Centres.