Parkland Residence (image - Property Guru)

AHPETC to cover maintenence cost for Parkland Residences from handover dispute

Parkland Residence (image - Property Guru)
Parkland Residence (image – Property Guru)

Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council will use funds collected from Parkland Residences for service and conservancy charges (S&CC) to reimburse the developer, who had earlier paid for the maintenance of the estate arising from a dispute between AHPETC and the Housing Development Board (HDB) over who should be collecting the fees for maintenance.

Media earlier reported that residents were left in a bind when AHPETC and HDB could not come to an agreement over the handover terms for the property, a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) project at Upper Serangoon Road.

Kwan Hwee Investment, the developer for the estate, earlier said that AHPETC wanted HDB’s endorsement for maintenance documents — such as drawings of water supply and gas pipes and lift maintenance schedule — but the HDB disagreed.

Mr Philip Tan, the manager for the estate, said that these documents are needed to assist a town council in taking over the maintenance of services.

However, HDB director (land administration) Mrs Koo-Lee Sook Chin had later claimed that these documents and items were not required for AHPETC to carry out its day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of the estate.

In the interim, no contractor was assigned to maintain the estate, which led to residents and eventually the developer having to do the job themselves. Mr Tan has also requested for reimbursement of the expenditure incurred since 2014 for the maintenance.

ahpetcMr Low Thia Khiang, secretary general of Workers’ Party, which manages AHPETC, told media the residents that the town council will reimburse the developer “where it is justifiable”, with close scrutiny of the claims made.

“We can’t just pay like that because this is residents’ money,” said Mr Low. “We also have to abide by financial rules to make sure there are proper invoices and proper approval.”

Mr Low also told media that the gridlock has been resolved and since the start of June 2015, AHPETC has been cleaning and maintaining the property’s common areas.

Media earlier reported claims from residents that AHPETC had been collecting S&CC “on behalf of HDB” since November 2014, which AHPETC has denied.

The lack of maintenance services has made some residents refuse to pay S&CC, which might now lead to complications, as residents who have paid are now saying that AHPETC should not use funds collected from them to cover for those who did not pay.

Mr Low told media that AHPETC will look into cases of non-payment.

In the letter to the residents of Parkland Residences sent on 2 June, Mr Low did not confirm if the S&CC collected so far were indeed on behalf of HDB, or clarify why the town council collected S&CC before a complete handover with AHPETC.

Nevertheless, it would seem that he funds are now under the care of AHPETC. “The S&CC paid by residents will be used for the reimbursement and part of the S&CC will also have to be transferred to the TC’s Sinking Fund under the Town Council Act,” wrote Mr Low.