Daily Archives: 2015-05-19

Driver forced to pay for repairs after Malaysian driver delays compensation

Mrs June Tan shares with TOC on how her vehicle was damaged by a Malaysian registered vehicle and the driver got off without paying for the damages after giving excuses upon excuses. On 17th March, a Malaysian registered vehicle, JQC6308 (shown in the photo above) hit at the back of the vehicle which she and her husband was. The rear bumper of the vehicle …

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Celovebrate, a wedding platform to match couples to their ideal venues

Ditching the idea of approaching a costly wedding planner, and planning your wedding all by yourself? But for those who have tried it, you would probably realise how difficult is it to be calling potential wedding venues, just to be informed that your ideal date is not available for booking or their cost is over your budget. And that is …

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Opposition veteran Goh Meng Seng applies to form new political party

Former member of the Workers’ Party and former secretary-general of the National Solidarity Party, Mr Goh Meng Seng, has applied to register the People’s Power Party (PPP) last Friday. Mr Goh made the announcement on his Facebook page, which has since been covered in media reports. He has yet to announce his party members. Mr Goh also took to his public Facebook …

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Ageing – a couple’s incredible transformation over 60 years

How does it feel to age together with your partner in life? And what if you had a preview of that ageing process? That was what a couple was put through, by make-up artists, as part of an experiment a month ago by The Cut website in its latest instalment of its video series, “100 Years of Beauty: Aging.” The …

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Risk of religious sensitivity getting blown out of proportion

By Ghui Religion, multi-culturalism and race are oft-cited reasons for retaining the draconian Internal Securities Act in Singapore. It is also the frequent explanation given for criminal charges against troublesome individuals and various defamation suits levied against pesky opposition politicians. Ho Juan Thai and Tang Liang Hong were invariably slapped with terms like “Chinese chauvinist”, “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim. Indeed, race …

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