Driver forced to pay for repairs after Malaysian driver delays compensation

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Mrs June Tan shares with TOC on how her vehicle was damaged by a Malaysian registered vehicle and the driver got off without paying for the damages after giving excuses upon excuses.

On 17th March, a Malaysian registered vehicle, JQC6308 (shown in the photo above) hit at the back of the vehicle which she and her husband was. The rear bumper of the vehicle was damaged from the collision.

According to Mrs Tan, the cyclist, Mr Mohd Alif Danial Wong Bin Abdulllah acknowledged that he was liable for the repair damages for their car, said that he would bear the repair cost. But he claimed that he had no money then and would have to wait til his pay day at end of March.

Mrs Tan and her husband agreed to his arrangement and made a police report to have the incident recorded.

However, by end of March, Mr Mohd Alif had his phone turned off and Mrs Tan was unable to contact him.

Mrs Tan eventually got hold of him on his phone on 5 April but Mr Mohd Alif gave the same excuse of not having any money.

“I then told him it is fine I will claim against his insurance. I was supposed to claim within 30 days of accident*. He asked me to give him a chance and that he will pay up end of April. I hesitated as end April will be more than 30 days since accident and thus I will not be able to claim. He promised that he will pay and I took his word for it.” said Mrs Tan

But by 18 May, Mr Mohd Alif had not contacted Mrs Tan nor made payment for the $200 worth of damages caused by him. He had since turned his phone off and refused to answer to messages by Mrs Tan.

“I had been taken for a ride by him again.” said Mrs Tan

“It seems that I have to bear the cost of the repair from an accident no fault of mine. It is a SHAME that foreign registered vehicle get away with this. Hopefully this serves a reminder to Singaporean drivers not to be soft hearted and to claim on the vehicle within 30 days of accident” lamented Mrs Tan over her incident.

According to Land Transport Authority, vehicles registered in West Malaysia are required to obtain valid insurance coverage for the duration of its stay in Singapore.

Read the article from Law Society to know what you have to do when you experience a road accident yourself.

After two weeks of writing to the Singapore Police for clarification, there has been no response from SPF on the matter.

*The 30 days claim period was specified in Mrs Tan’s insurance policy

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