Kristie and Tavis

Ageing – a couple’s incredible transformation over 60 years

Kristie and Tavis
Kristie and Tavis

How does it feel to age together with your partner in life?

And what if you had a preview of that ageing process?

That was what a couple was put through, by make-up artists, as part of an experiment a month ago by The Cut website in its latest instalment of its video series, “100 Years of Beauty: Aging.”

The twenty-something pair of Tavis and Kristie were aged 70 years by makeup artists with the use of prosthetics.

The couple were then revealed to each other.

They were shown how they would look at age 50, 70, and 90 after each make-up session.

The pair was calm in the beginning, bantering about how they were getting married soon and how they felt no anxiety about it.

“We are excited to able to show this to our kids; our family,’ Kristie says, before they begin the physical transformation.

The couple’s reaction will bring a tear to your eyes – and will also perhaps make the way you look at, and cherish, your partner.

One of the most poignant moments was when the two were transformed to their 70s.

As Kristie ponders on how they would look, she tears.

Tavis says, “I can’t help but think about what the last 50 years were. To see her look like this makes me think, where have we gone what would have happened in between.”

Kristie says: “We’ll have kids, grandkids, so many stories…”

Tavis continues her sentence, “And we’ll be forgetting things.’

When the couple is transformed into their 90s, they are asked: “What would be the last words you would say to each other?”

Kristie, now in tears, looks at her fiance and says: “How much I loved him.”

Tavis says: “She made me a better person. There’s so many things I couldn’t be without you and I’ll never be without you.”

Kristie adds: There’s some strange comforting feeling seeing him this way. I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want.”

How would you feel if you could see, in a matter of hours, how your loved one ages 60 years before your very eyes?

Here’s the video (which has been viewed more than 6.5m times so far) and, as Cut advised, don’t tear up as you watch them fall in love again and again.