An unfortunate encounter with NSP – a note to the opposition candidates

This is a letter sent to us by a TOC reader.

Eunice Lua

Opposition guys, you always feel that it is unfair that the ruling party slams you for “suddenly appearing only during elections”, but seriously, did you guys really do anything?

Two nights ago, you had a golden opportunity with me. I spotted you as I was driving into the car park at Jurong East Central. I persuaded my obsessive son to let me park at the same level as you guys did, so that I can have a chance to quickly get a glimpse of you. When we came up to you, I said “Hi”. I identified myself as a voter of this GRC, a first timer for that matter. I asked you guys for your leaflets and I said I tried very hard to look for information about this team but had not found any.

Mr Christopher Neo (right) and Ms Noraini bte Yunus (left)

Mr Neo, I guess it’s because you are kind of like an old hand in this. You were friendly and you shook my hand, gave me the brochure very quickly, told me about the website.

Ms Noraini, sorry to say, you failed to make an impression on me. On the NSP’s brochure, you stated that you are experienced in telemarketing and marketing work. I am in the communications industry. I had expected you to be more forthcoming. But you weren’t.

NSP team, you wasted such a great opportunity to tell me about your party and what you stand for. I was hoping for that, but I got none. Is this then the way to break through?

To break through, don’t you think you need to do things differently?

If the usual walkabouts are done in the morning, how about try doing them in the evening, door to door? A large proportion of voters who can swing the results are people like me who spend 12-16 hours outside of my home. I would have loved for the candidates to come by in the evening, say ‘hello’ and sell your ideas a bit. It makes a difference. It makes an impression.

The incumbents did not do it, and neither have you. That is sad.

A lot of people are keen to know who their MP or future MP would be, what they are like and what values they stand for. There is no way that these can come through from websites, rally speeches, political broadcasts, pamphlets and posters. It comes through from your interaction, up close and personal with the electorate.

Seriously, you need to do more. I hope to see that before 7 May.


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