Facebook group set up by supporters sees hundreds sign up as members within hours.

Facebook Group Supports Siew Kum Hong as NMP

Darren Boon

A Facebook group, ‘We Support Siew Kum Hong’, has been set up to support Mr Siew Kum Hong’s bid for a second term as a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

In a strong show of support for Mr Siew, the group, which was set up only yesterday, has 430 members so far, ballooning from 90 odd members to more than 400 members in a number of hours.  The number is still on the increase. 

The group was set up by Mr Patrick Chng, in response to the personal attacks directed at Mr Siew on the government portal, REACH, over his involvement with AWARE’s Extra-ordinary General Meeting and his purportedly pro-gay agenda.

Amongst those who have joined the facebook group are Sintercom founder Mr Tan Chong Kee, filmmaker Mr Martyn See, and current AWARE president Ms Dana Lam.

Ms Lam posted a message in support of Mr Siew saying: “I speak for the many who have witnessed his generosity.  We are shocked and extremely upset by the aspersions and baseless allegations made against Kum Hong for standing with AWARE during our most vulnerable and critical period.”

“It is most foul and unfair.  It pains us to witness the progress of this smear campaign over the past weeks,” Ms Lam added.  “We have no doubt he will triumph over the current adversity.”

Sintercom founder Mr Tan wrote: “Kum Hong is one of the best NMP we have seen in Singapore.  He has enormous integrity and passion.”

Mr Tan condemned the “coordinated attack” on Mr Siew and the use of the “wedge issue” of homosexuality.

Another supporter, Mr Jonathan Kwok, argued that it is necessary for people to understand that a person is “multi-layered” and is defined by more than his sexuality or views on sexuality.

“Mr Siew has much to contribute to Singapore, and his views on sexuality form just a small part of his person and his portfolio,” Mr Kwok said.

Mr Abdul Salim Harun, a former Workers’ Party member and elections candidate, said Mr Siew is a good man who vocalises issues in the open when necessary and for walking the talk, and pledges his support for Mr Siew.

Ms Elaine Jung, another supporter, hopes for more NMP terms for Mr Siew, while Mr Chang Yong Kai suggested that Mr Siew ran for Member of Parliament in the general elections.

However, Mr Chia Yeow-Tong highlighted what he felt was the undemocratic NMP selection process.  He pointed out that the final decision rests on the Parliamentary Selection Committee: “And they can choose either the voice of reason or to side with the conservative view.  It does not matter even if the majority of Singaporeans want Mr Siew back as NMP.  We are unable to make the decision.”

Meanwhile Mr Colin Lim wrote his praise for the starting of the Facebook group. “It’s time for the people who appreciate what his man has done to be more vocal in their support for him,” he said.

You can view the group here.