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AWARE: Rethinking fundamental approaches to budget making

This is AWARE’s official press release for its recommendations regarding the upcoming Budget 2014. On 29 January, AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) submitted its fourth annual set of recommendations for the national budget through the public consultation portal REACH. This year it questioned some of the fundamental approaches that underlie budget making and call for the budget …

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AWARE Op-Ed on decriminalisation of suicide

Suicide law deters treatment, not attempts Corinna Lim, Executive Director, AWARE Porsche Poh, Executive Director, Silver Ribbon Singapore   Most people, thankfully, do not attempt suicide. All of us are nevertheless responsible for how we, as a society, respond to those who do. Today, on the World Day of Social Justice, we ask: is it helpful – or right – …

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Look out for people “who are pushing too far”

We must look out for indications, of people who are pushing too far, who test the limits. All stakeholders – parents, schools and individuals – have to remind themselves and one another of the need for a secular space. Second Minister for Finance and Transport Lim Hwee Hua

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Aware coverage – Straits Times defends itself

If Mr Sin is accusing The Straits Times of being in favour of some religions against others – a very serious accusation against a newspaper with 1.4million readers of every religious shade – he should substantiate his complaint. The personal attacks against the integrity of our journalists sadden me because they show the vindictiveness of our critics and the length …

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