Singapore’s Miss Universe 2018 national costume bears striking similarities to Turkey’s 2015 entry

A sleuthing netizen uncovered a curious coincidence relating to Singapore’s Miss Universe costume – you know…the one referencing the US-North Korea Summit held in Singapore.

Facebook user Ah Sen Hok Fen was browsing through past costumes and came across something oddly familiar in the 2015 archives for Turkey in which the 2015 Miss Universe and Miss World costumes by Turkey which also featured a beautiful dress with a skirt that revealed a striking digital print when unfurled.

Miss Universe Turkey 2015 was Ms Melisa Uzun who wore a gorgeous dress that revealed the image of the ruins  of Ephesos, an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia in the present-day province of Izmir.

Miss Turkey 2015 debuts her National Costume on stage at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. (Image from screenertv)

While Turkey’s Miss World, Ms Ecem Cirpan, wore a beautiful dress featuring a digital print of an intricate artistic mosaic tile design for her national costume.

Miss World Turkey 2015 shows off her national costume (Image from Nick Verreos)

I guess the obvious difference with Singapore’s costume (apart from the print itself) is the addition of wings and a tiara.