RSF: Government uses “anti-fake news” law to eliminate public debate

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in a statement on Friday, expressed that it is appalled by the totalitarian aspects of Singapore’s new, highly controversial “anti-fake news” law, under which the authorities issued two directives ordering “corrections” to Facebook posts within the space of a week. Below is RSF’s report and comments on the new law and … Read more

In the wake of POFMA being used, Dr PJ Thum reiterates the lack of evidence that Operation Coldstore about a communist conspirary

Historian Pingtjin Thum once again reiterated his assertion about Operation Coldstore that there was no evidence to show that those detained were involved in any communist conspiracy. In short Facebook post on 1 December, Dr Thum pointed out that since the government is now using the Protection against Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), he … Read more

Has anyone thought about this one way top down enforcement of so called "fake news"?

The “fake news” bill has come to pass, making offenders of this far-reaching and sweeping legislation potentially facing hefty fines and even jail time. At the time when the bill was being debated in Parliament, there were grave concerns that the bill would lead to a silencing of critics. However in Singapore’s context, we have … Read more

The only party that could be hurt by Thum’s views is the PAP

It is concerning that the Select Committee (SC) on Deliberate Online Falsehoods would come down so heavily and personally on an individual with no political power. In its report, it specifically mentioned historian, Dr Thum Ping Tjin in regards to his claims regarding falsehoods in Singapore. Dr Thum had noted that more than often, the government is the … Read more

SG academic at Oxford: Major “fake news” spreader is Govt – need to educate SGs to be more critical in thinking

Dr Thum Ping Tjin, a Rhodes Scholar and an academic at Oxford University, recently submitted his own views to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods. He is also a renowned historian of Malaya. The select committee was appointed by the government in Jan this year to “study deliberate online falsehoods”. Their job is to make recommendations so … Read more