Woman says reactionary response from public over NUS sexual misconduct case shows how internet can be a scary place

The recent revelation of a sexual misconduct incident involving two National University of Singapore (NUS) students has yielded varying public reactions across the board. Many have come out in support of the victim, Monica Baey, and are demanding for a harsher punishment to be meted out to the offender. Others are calling into question the disciplinary framework of the University …

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Monica Baey’s exposé of Nicholas Lim’s voyeuristic act at Eusoff Hall bathroom may raise concerns under POHA, POFMA: Lawyers

Amid the controversy surrounding 23-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate Monica Baey’s exposure of fellow student Nicholas Lim Jun Kai’s identity as the perpetrator of a voyeuristic act – of which she was a victim – via a series of Instagram Stories recently, lawyers have raised concerns as to whether Ms Baey’s exposé would constitute an offence in itself …

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Voyeur given conditional warning due to “high likelihood of rehabilitation”; offender’s background “irrelevant” in prosecution: SPF

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has clarified that Nicholas Lim, the National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate who had filmed a female student while she was showering in her dorm bathroom in Nov last year, was given a 12-month conditional warning due to his purportedly “high likelihood of rehabilitation” and remorse over the crime he had committed. In a series …

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