Singapore High Commissioner apologises to Malaysia, distancing Jocelyn Chia as “no longer Singaporean”

Singapore High Commissioner apologises to Malaysia, distancing Jocelyn Chia as “no longer Singaporean”

On Tuesday (6 June), Jocelyn Chia, a lawyer turned comedian originally from Singapore, shared a clip of her performance at New York’s renowned Comedy Cellar on her social media platforms.

But she soon found herself facing criticism from Malaysians and even her fellow compatriots for making the wrong roast: poked fun at MH 370 tragedy, saying “some joke don’t land.”

Probably due to overwhelming criticism, just after a day, Chia seems to take down the video from her official social media account, and Chia’s Facebook, Instagram page and Twitter accounts are no longer available.

Vanu Gopala Menon, Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia, has spoken out against Jocelyn Chia’s comments, expressed his dismay at the “gratuitously offensive comments” by Chia, and sincerely apologised to all Malaysians for her hurtful remarks.

“The Singapore Government does not condone words or actions that cause harm or hurt to others and Chia, who is no longer Singaporean, does not in any way reflect our views.”

He reiterated that as closest neighbour, Singapore and Malaysia enjoy a strong and multi-faceted relationship, with deep and cross-cutting ties, “We also have unique historical and close people-to-people ties. ”

“Comments such as those made by Chia are unhelpful and undermine the close trust and friendship that both our countries and peoples enjoy,” Menon added.

MH 370 victim’s wife told Chia: “My son still crying until today over his lost Papa

Intan Maizura Othaman, the wife of one of the MH370 crew members, expressed her deep disappointment regarding Chia’s remarks and called for Chia to “Leave MH370 out of your humourless depression comic.”

In a Facebook post, the wife of MH370 crew member Mohd Hazrin Mohamed Hasnan commented, “It’s clear that the desire to gain quick popularity by taking distasteful cheap shots using controversial issues is strong in this individual.”

“Remember people, inferiority & insecurity can sometimes turn people into this ugly self-loathing persona and manifest itself as an awkward and heartless (or maybe brainless) comic.”

In a subsequent post, Intan addressed Jocelyn Chia directly in a recorded video, expressing that her joke was truly unfunny.

“No matter how evil you are, but you don’t mention MH370 or making fun of it, you know?

“My son, Mohammad, He is still crying until today over his lost Papa, and here you are having the audacity to make fun of MH370.

And do you know how many mothers are still crying until today? ” she questioned Chia.

Jocelyn Chia’s Facebook, Instagram page and Twitter account are no longer available

In the show, Jocelyn Chia portrayed Malaysia as a clingy ex trying to revive the relationship with Singapore after both nations departed in 1965.

She mockingly asked, “Why haven’t you (Malaysia) paid me a visit in forty years?” and then impersonated Malaysia, responding, “I tried but you know our airplanes can’t fly,” making a tasteless reference to the MH370 incident that occurred nine years ago.

Chia’s remarks received disapproving glances from the audience, to which she cheekily replied, “What? Malaysian airlines going missing is not funny, huh?”

“Some jokes don’t land. This joke kills in Singapore.”

In her description in original clip, Chia further mentioned that the particular bit was intended as a tribute to Singapore’s founding father, the late Lee Kuan Yew, who played a pivotal role in shaping the country’s development. She regarded it as the form of “revenge” for the two nations “breakup”.

Chia’s recent remarks have drawn significant criticism from Malaysians, as well as fellow Singaporeans, who consider her comments to be highly insensitive. Some reminded her that many victims and their families are still experiencing the ongoing pain of the MH370 tragedy, and making jokes about it is highly inappropriate.

Chia appears to have taken down her other public social media accounts, and although her TikTok account is still active, the video in question has been removed since Thursday (8 June).


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