SIA and Scoot to start using pilots from India

It was reported in the media yesterday (9 Feb) that Indian pilots from Vistara would be flying for SIA and Scoot. The report said that Vistara is working with SIA and Scoot to provide around 20 of its pilots to help fly SIA and Scoot’s planes. Up to 12 qualified Vistara pilots have been training with SIA since last month, …

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MOE teacher arrested for alleged child sex in Thailand

Thai media, The Nation, reported on Wed (6 Feb) that the Bangkok Metropolitan Police has arrested a 51-year-old French man, who is a Singapore MOE teacher, for buying sex with teenage boys. Subsequently, MOE confirmed yesterday (7 Feb) that their teacher Jean-Christophe Quenot, a French teacher at its Language Centre, is indeed being investigated by Thai authorities. “Jean-Christophe Quenot is …

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PM says Chinese immigrants came to seek fortunes but many were fleeing from poverty due to opium menace

This Monday (4 Feb), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sent a Chinese New Year greeting message to all Singaporeans. “This year, we are commemorating the Singapore Bicentennial,” he said. “200 years ago, Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore. That marked a crucial turning point in our history, including for our Chinese community. While Chinese junks had traded in Singapore as far …

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