RM2 for a plate of white rice and a thumb-sized fried chicken

RM2 for a plate of white rice and a thumb-sized fried chicken

MALAYSIA — A post featuring a deplorable meal in a primary school canteen went viral recently, attracting the attention of internet users.

It is a post of a RM2 (S$0.58) chicken rice with a thumb-sized fried chicken and plain white rice.

“National school, RM2 rice with that much chicken. You rate it,” said the caption accompanying the post shared in a Facebook group.

It is believed that the school is located in Tapah, Perak.

It is possible the photo was taken by a parent of one of the students.

However, the post sparked mixed reactions from netizens.

Some netizens think the price and the serving of the meal is reasonable.

“White rice RM1, chicken RM1. That’s not expensive? If you think it’s expensive, you prepare food from home for your children.”

“If RM2 is expensive? How much should be charged? I want to know too.”

“Only when you are in (F&B) business, you will know the cost of raw food ingredient.”

A netizen shared a comparison photo of her children’s school canteen RM2 food

Meanwhile, some netizens suggested to parents to prepare food for their children if they are not satisfied with the price or the preparation of food in the school canteen.

“Now, it’s better to bring food from home. Food at school canteen used to be as low as 60 sen for a serving that was so filling, but now, hurmmmm.”

“Wake up early in the morning, prepare your children’s foods. If you have many children who are go to school, it is more cost-effective to prepare your own meals.”

However, there are those who believe that the issue that needs to be highlighted is not the price of food, but the way the canteen prepares it, which is so disgraceful to the school.

“If I were the canteen operator, I couldn’t have sell that kind of food, I just can’t forgive myself for doing this. If you’re out of budget, cook fried rice with chicken filling, this can feed more students. Cook filling foods.”

“Buy outside food for your children to take to school, every sen worth it and confirm taste better, the price is reasonable outside.

“I wouldn’t say it is expensive. I just think that piece of chicken is so tiny. Pity the students. Fortunately, it’s not a meal for the Supplementary Food Programme (food for schoolchildren from the B40 income group),” commented netizens.

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