There are still many Malaysian citizens who work in Singapore have not received assistance with some wandered around and empty stomach, desperate and helpless, said a Malaysian volunteer who stays in Singapore, calling out Malaysian Minister to be more considerate when implementing any new measures.
The volunteer Yuki Ng, who is also StarHub’s Beauty Ambassador Chinese Travel Blogger, took to her Facebook page on Tuesday (7 April) and shared her video of asking Malaysia government to offer assistance and consider giving more preparation time for Malaysian workers in Singapore before implementing new measures.
She said that many Malaysian workers who work in Singapore are being held in between the customs of Singapore and Malaysia due the government uncertain measures amid COVID-19 pandemic.
In her video, she decried Malaysia for not taking into account the Malaysian citizens in Singapore during government announcement of new measures.
She said, “Malaysian Ministers, there are still many Malaysian citizen in Singapore, many of whom have not received assistance with some wandered around and empty stomach, desperate and helpless,” adding that the imprudent measures of government has made them more difficult to return to Malaysia.
It was previously said that Malaysian workers who wish to return the country will need to undergo testing for COVID-19 in Singapore and acquire certified letter from Singapore authorities to prove they are clear of the virus.
However, later on, Malaysia’s Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that Malaysian workers would not be allowed to return for the moment before the terms were finalised by a joint working group comprising officials from the foreign and human resources ministries of the two countries.
Due to this, Ms Ng said Malaysia government always catches the Malaysian workers off guard with its short notice of announcement which is effective within 24 hours or 48 hours.
As a result, the workers have no time to prepare and response to the government new measure as their initial plans to return to homeland or test for COVID-19 have been disrupted after they decided to quit the job or have been asked for taking unpaid leave.
She pointed out that some workers are homeless and live a hand-to-mouth existence, but still save money to pay for medical costs which is around $30 to $35 and even raised to $47 now.
“They saved up to get the medical checkup and prepare to go back, but suddenly they have been told that they are not allowed to go back, what do you want them to do?” she said.
Ms Ng also shared a few cases of Malaysian workers who encountered predicament when worked in Singapore, such as money stolen were when sleeping on the street, loss income due to a halt to work and got no money to seek treatment for injury.
According to her video filmed at 11.30 pm on Monday (6 April), Ms Ng had inquired at the Woodland Train Checkpoints whether the Malaysian workers could still able to return to Malaysia during this period.
To cross the border, she pointed out that Malaysian workers will require to show the letter confirmed that they are fit to travel or exit declaration form, otherwise they will be denied to entry to Malaysia in Singapore’s border.

On Wednesday (9 April), Malay Mail reported that Malaysian government has requested Singaporean employers to report the number of employees returning to the country to facilitate government’s preparations for the tests and crowd control.
Meanwhile Mr Ismail Sabri encouraged Malaysian citizens to remain in Singapore for their long term job prospects.
He said, “For me, I would advise them to stay there so that they can continue to go to work there.”
“Because based on our earlier agreement with the Singapore government, they have agreed to assist with accommodation subsidies and food allowances,” he said during the Defence Ministry’s daily press conference, according to state media.
It was noted that about 45,000 Malaysians who still continue work in Singapore after Movement Control Order, have been affected due to Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ measure that began on Tuesday.

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