MND announces all TCs excel in operational performance; Sengkang TC given ‘Amber” rating in S&CC Arrears Management

MND announces all TCs excel in operational performance; Sengkang TC given ‘Amber” rating in S&CC Arrears Management

SINGAPORE — The Ministry of National Development (MND) unveiled the Fiscal Year 2022 Town Council Management Report (TCMR) Operational Report on Thursday (22 June).

MND announced that all Town Councils (TCs) received a “Green” rating across three key indicators: Estate Cleanliness, Estate Maintenance, and Lift Performance.

However, the report highlighted that while 16 town councils achieved a “Green” rating in S&CC Arrears Management, Sengkang TC received an “Amber” rating, according to MND.

The TCMR Framework covers five areas – Estate Cleanliness, Estate Maintenance, Lift
Performance, Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Arrears Management and Corporate

MND claimed that although the Sengkang TC (SKTC) had less than 4 in 100 households that owed arrears for three months or more, the monthly collectible S&CC for the town overdue was slightly more than 40%, which resulted in the points awarded to the town council being in the Amber band.

It is important to note that the Workers’ Party-run SKTC successfully met the latter criterion.

Similarly to the other 16 town councils, SKTC scored all ‘green’ for the other three indicators.

In the TCMR Operation Report FY2021, SKTC also received an “Amber” rating under S&CC Arrears Management, as indicated by MND.

Grading for S&CC arrears management

S&CC arrears management comprises two sub-indicators: (i) Percentage of households with S&CC overdue for 3 months or more; and (ii) Amount of S&CC overdue for 3 months or more out of total monthly collectible.

The Town Council will be banded Green/Amber/Red for S&CC Arrears Management based on its total score (out of 10 points).

All town councils received a “Green” rating in estate cleanliness, estate maintenance, and lift performance

Notably, each town council had an average of less than four cleanliness observations per block, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for residents.

Similarly, they maintained an average of less than four maintenance observations per block, showcasing their proactive approach to upholding infrastructure quality.

Additionally, all town councils reported less than two lift faults per 10 lifts each month, with less than 1 hour of downtime per lift per month, further emphasizing their commitment to operational efficiency.

The results for the FY2022 Corporate Governance indicator will be disclosed in the TCMR Governance Report, expected to be released by MND in December 2023.

SKTC: Working very closely with residents

In response to the report, SKTC said that it is working very closely with its residents to manage the collection of monthly S&CC.

“SKTC remains focused on designing repayment schemes that are practicable for our residents, taking into account of their personal circumstances as well as the economic environment.”

SKTC acknowledges that the TCMR rating reflects the 12-month average for all town councils during the financial year.

Notably, SKTC highlights its significant progress in handling S&CC arrears, moving from the lower end of the amber band in FY21 to the upper end in FY22. Since December 2022, SKTC has consistently maintained a favourable green band rating.

Despite being a relatively young town council that recently transitioned to direct management, SKTC expresses its gratitude and acknowledges the dedication of various stakeholders, including residents, staff, contractors, and partners, in their collective efforts to contribute to the well-being of Sengkang.

Sengkang Town Council directly managed without a Managing Agent

Following the example of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) has commenced direct management of all divisions within Sengkang Town with effect from 1 February 2023 after not receiving any bids for its MA tender on 29 April last year.

Seng Kang Group Representation Constituency, which SKTC looks over, was won by WP in the 2020 General Election and is currently headed by WP MPs MS He Ting Ru, Associate Professor Jamus Lim and Mr Louis Chua.

Anchorvale division has been under direct management since 1 November 2021, following the departure of CPG Facilities Management. Buangkok, Compassvale and Rivervale divisions, will likewise be directly managed, with the departure of EM Services.

As announced in May 2022, SKTC has been working on transitioning into direct management of Sengkang Town, with recruitment for the direct management team beginning as early as second half of 2022.

SKTC notes that it has recruited experienced and suitable individuals, including employees from both CPG Facilities Management and EM Services, for its town management works.

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