2 adults and 2 children ride e-bike without helmets on the road

2 adults and 2 children ride e-bike without helmets on the road

SINGAPORE — A video was recorded showing a rider on an e-bike traveling on the road with another passenger and two children, presumably a family of four. None of them were wearing helmets.

The video, lasting 22 seconds, was shared with TOC via WhatsApp. It appears to have been recorded from the driver’s seat of a vehicle and shows a motorcycle riding on the left side of the road.

In the footage, it is evident that the rider, the passenger, and the two children on the e-bike were not wearing helmets. Additionally, the woman seated at the rear of the vehicle can be seen holding a phone to her ear.

The two young children are dressed in similar uniforms, suggesting they may attend the same childcare center.

Furthermore, a food delivery bag is installed at the back of the e-bike, indicating the rider’s possible involvement in food delivery services.

The person recording the video expresses his astonishment, saying, “Wah, steady ah, wah l*n leh… Vietnam style, man.”

The video was also shared on SG-Road Vigilante’s Facebook page.

The accompanying post mentions that the recording took place on Wednesday (14 June), on Kallang Road heading toward Sims Ave. The post further mentions that the e-bike was reportedly traveling at speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Netizens expressing their concerns about the safety of the children

Several netizens commented on the Facebook post, expressing their concerns about the safety of the children. They questioned why the rider would expose the family to such risks and criticized the rider for their recklessness.


Some individuals offered an alternative perspective, suggesting that the high cost of Certificate of Entitlement (COE) in Singapore may have led some people to seek alternative modes of transportation, such as e-bikes.

However, they strongly emphasized that endangering one’s family, as demonstrated by this particular rider, is highly discouraged.

Carrying more pillion passengers than allowed is strictly prohibited

Under Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules, it is prohibited to carry any person below the age of 16 as a pillion passenger on a power-assisted bicycle.

In the video, the two children appear to be younger than the specified age limit.

Moreover, bicycles, power-assisted bicycles, trishaws, or tricycles should not be used to transport more individuals than their designed capacity allows.

Additionally, pillion passengers on bicycles or power-assisted bicycles traveling on roads must wear appropriate protective bicycle helmets.

Those caught riding bicycles and power-assisted bicycles on roads without wearing a helmet can be fined up to $1,000 and/or jailed for up to three months upon conviction for the first offence.

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