Chinese socialite Abby Choi found dismembered in Hong Kong village house, ex-husband arrested

Chinese socialite Abby Choi found dismembered in Hong Kong village house, ex-husband arrested

HONG KONG, CHINA β€” The city of Hong Kong is in shock following the tragic murder of 28-year-old Chinese socialite and influencer, Abby Choi Tin-fung.

Choi’s dismembered body was discovered on Monday in a village house located in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po. Choi, who was married to Tam Chuk-Kwan, the son of the founder of TamJai Yunnan Mixian, had previously divorced her ex-husband surnamed Kwong. Despite holding a wedding ceremony in 2016, the couple did not register their marriage.

Choi hailed from a wealthy family and owned several properties, including Kadoorie Hill in Ho Man Tin and Manhattan Hill in Lai Chi Kok, with a market value of HK$45 million (US5.7 million).

She had been a director of four companies and had a personal net worth of over HK$100 million. Choi had four children, two of whom belonged to her ex-husband surnamed Kwong, while the other son and daughter belonged to her present partner.

It has been revealed that Choi’s ex-husband and his family had a significant financial dispute with her before her murder.

Reports suggest that Choi had purchased a property in Kadoorie Hill for her ex-husband’s family to reside in, naming her ex-husband’s father as the owner. However, she later expressed her intention to sell the property, sparking a disagreement over ownership and related matters.

Choi had continued to financially support her ex-husband’s family even after their divorce, including hiring her ex-husband’s brother as a private chauffeur.

However, towards the end of last year, Choi expressed her intention to sell the Kadoorie Hill property, leading to further disputes over ownership and the potential misuse of funds. Concerns were raised about the safety of Choi, with some individuals even plotting to murder her to seize her considerable assets.

The suspects allegedly worked together to murder Choi before mutilating her body. Her ex-husband, who is the key suspect, while his parents and elderly brother, aged 31-65, are currently in custody and will be charged with murder later.

Kwong, who had been on the run, was caught by the police at the Tung Chung waterfront at around 1 pm on Saturday, according to local media.

β€œIt is possible he was waiting for a speedboat to flee the city illegally,” a source was quoted by South China Morning Post.

The police have uncovered a newly rented village house unit in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po, belonging to the ex-husband’s father.

On February 24th, detectives executed a warrant and found human body parts stored in the refrigerator. Left and right legs believed to belong to Choi were found in the refrigerator, but her head, torso, and hands were not found. Additionally, minced human tissue was found scattered on the ground. The residence in question had recently been rented by the ex-husband’s father and was found to contain unexpected items, including a meat slicer, chainsaw, gloves, and raincoat.

The police investigation into the case is ongoing, and more information has been uncovered about the suspects.

The ex-husband’s father, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the crime, had departed from the police force approximately 18 years ago, holding the rank of sergeant prior to his exit.

Choi’s present partner’s family has declined to speak about the incident, but sources have disclosed that her parents are also engaged in business in the Mainland.

The case has drawn attention to the issue of violence against women, sparking public outrage and protests demanding justice for Abby Choi and an end to gender-based violence as netizens conveyed their condolences on Choi’s social media platforms.

Post-mortem examinations will be conducted later to ascertain the cause of death of the deceased.

The police have not ruled out the possibility of more arrests and are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward. The tragedy has sent shockwaves throughout the city and has raised concerns about the safety of women, especially those in high-profile relationships, in Hong Kong.

The police and government officials have condemned the heinous crime and assured the public that they are doing everything in their power to bring those responsible to justice.

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