GUANGXI, CHINA —  “As long as I can save you, my life will have no regrets!” a part-time courier biker in Southern China rushed to cover 5km in 22 minutes to deliver antivenom upon receiving an urgent delivery request from a female customer who had been bitten by a snake.

According to a clip published on Nanning College of Technology‘s official Douyin page, the courier biker’s name is 19-year-old Yang Zhuofan(杨卓凡), a student from the college majoring in artificial intelligence.

He was working as a part-time courier during the holidays. On 30 January, Mr Yang received an urgent request to deliver antivenom to a female customer in Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The woman requested that the drug be delivered on priority as she was bitten by a snake.

Female customer bitten by snake

Initially, Mr Yang estimated that it could take about 40 minutes, or at least half an hour, to complete the delivery.

But worrying about the woman’s condition, he immediately went to a pharmaceutical store in a downtown area to collect the snake antivenom and rushed to a small clinic in the nearby countryside which ran out of the drug.

While Mr Yang was speeding to get to the woman, he asked anxiously in the voice message: “Are you still alive? Are you still alive? I’m passing the No 1 Middle School now. Hang in there!”

“To save you, I put my life on a bet to fight against the God of Death. As long as I can save you, my life will have no regrets!” Mr Yang made his vow in a thick Guangxi accent.

Finally, he reached the destination in just 22 minutes. In another video, Mr Yang said after he saw the customer in her 20s looked fine, Mr Yang finally felt relieved.


顾客被蛇咬外卖员狂飙送药热血鼓励,当事人回应: 十几分钟跑5公里 救人是职责!外卖员@okmydiana

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Mr Yang’s kindheartedness win praise on the internet

Many netizens on Douyin praised Mr Yang for his kind gesture but also urged him to observe road safety as speeding on roads could be dangerous for his life.

A netizen wrote:” I cried when watching this video. Never thought that the boy next door or a sunshine boy can also be a hero, but he is also kind of dorky.“

“It warms my heart to see it, but this young brother should also pay attention to safety.”

“Hot hearted youth Yang Zhuofan, you have the courage to take responsibility, praise for you.”

Works as part-time delivery driver to reduce parent’s financial burden

According to a media report in China, Mr Yang said he works as a part-time delivery rider to reduce his parent’s financial burden and plans to save money so that he can repay his student loans after graduation.

However, he urged road users and delivery riders to always obey the safety rules on roads and noted that he was speeding to save a life at that time.

As a rider working under China’s biggest delivery platform Meituan, Mr Yang was awarded the title of “pioneer rider” and cash rewards for his act of kindness.

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