DBS customers report duplicate deductions from bank; DBS guarantees refund by 20 June

Several DBS Bank customers have complained about a glitch in the lender’s banking services and claimed that they had been charged twice for debit and credit cards transactions this week.

One customer, who goes by the moniker Asyura Irfan, wrote to DBS Bank on its Facebook page on Friday (18 June) about the duplicate deductions that she and several others have experienced lately.

“Is there glitch happening? Me and several others realised that we were double charged for debit card transactions made this week. I don’t think it’s a merchant issue as the transactions are from different merchants,” she wrote.

Ms Asyura shared that she was charged twice for a transaction made on Grab on Monday (15 June).

“I made a purchase via Grab on 15 June. Amount was successfully deducted on 17 June. Another charge was made today 18June for the same purchase,” she noted.

Similarly, her husband made a purchase from Giant supermarket on 14 June, and the amount was successfully deducted on the following day, but another charge was made on Friday for the same purchases.

Ms Asyura added that her mother had also encountered the same problem after making a purchase via Klook on Monday.

“My mother made purchase via Klook on 15 June. Amount was successfully deducted on 17 June. Another charge was made today 18June for the same purchase,” she said, adding that other users were also affected by the glitch.

In a reply to her post, DBS Bank expressed its apology in the comments section of her post and said that it was aware of the issue.

“Sorry for the inconvenience caused, Asyura Irfan. We are aware of the issue and rest assured that the team is looking into it. We’ll update you as soon as it’s resolved. Thank you,” it wrote.

Other DBS Bank customers also complained that they were charged twice for the same purchases, urging the bank to rectify the problem immediately.

Some customers noted that they tried calling the bank’s customer service hotline but it was “super busy” to get through, while those who managed to get through claimed that they have been promised a refund from the bank.

One user wrote: “After 32mins on hold, I spoke with a lady name Afifah. She said everyone made transaction on their debit card on this date has encountered the same issue. The backend team is currently working on it and she cannot advise the date the amount will be remit back to us.”

DBS assured any duplicated transactions will be refunded

DBS Bank subsequently issued a statement on its Facebook page on Friday to inform that any duplicated transactions will be refunded automatically by Sunday (20 June).

It stated: “Dear customers, we’re fixing the technical issue that caused duplicate transactions on selected debit and credit cards. Please be assured that any duplicated transactions will be refunded automatically by 20 June (Sunday). We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

However, many customers commented that the bank should provide more details about the process of refund, urging DBS Bank to clarify the causes of the problem.

“POSB Please clarify if we need to do anything on our end? Do we need to report of any discrepancies? Or will it be Auto refunded? Cause there is no way getting through your customer service now.. Please be more transparent and provide more details,” one user wrote.


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