PAP, from having questionable selection criteria for candidates to its refusal to apologise

It has surfaced that a shipyard worker named Kumar had contacted the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Employees’ Union, and the Workplace Safety and Health Institute in 2014 to look into certain directives issued by ex General Election candidate Ivan Lim which endangered the lives of shipyard workers.

Was the Peoples’ Action Party (PAP) aware of Lim’s earlier oversights before fielding him as a candidate? If so, why did they field him? If not, why not?

If they had known but fielded him anyway, it would display the PAP’s elitism and utter disregard for the working classes. It would demonstrate complete arrogance that it mattered not that he had made such a colossal error in judgement.

The PAP were going to field Lim in Jurong Group Representative Constituency – could it be that the PAP thought that no matter what happened, Lim would get in anyway through riding on the coattails of the popular Tharman Shanmugaratnam?

If they didn’t know, then clearly their vetting criteria and screening procedure has utterly failed. Where is the research? Where is the due diligence?

Whatever the case, the selection of Lim in the first place displays the possibility that the PAP are prioritising the wrong qualities in their candidates.

As commentator Ab5577 opines:

This is a classic eg of a person (kumar) who serve from his heart, some say it may not be Ivan’s decision, even if its not his decision which I doubt, he would have seen workers sleeping at the side when he goes to work in the morning and would have done something if he cares. People this is a classic eg that you do not need a person with just paper qualification to serve people, it only takes a heart that cares and your actions will follow n do the right thing, Kumar may not hold the position like Ivan but he safe the worker by doing something. So imagine the worker is like the jobless and the needy in Singapore, do you think Ivan will do anything? I would think Kumar will definitely make a much better leader and MP. IT’S TIME WE NEED LEADERS WITH A HEART WHO CARES AND NOT JUST PAPER QUALIFICATIONS. Vote wisely Singaporean!

Many netizens have also called Lim out for not apologising. Not apologising might well be a trait with the current PAP leadership. Let’s just take Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo as an example.

Despite the coronavirus raging among our migrant worker community and a petition calling for her resignation, she has still steadfastly refused to apologise. Even going so far as to give the ridiculous reason that she has not apologised because no one had asked her to. None of the 4G leadership has called her out for this. Instead, they closed ranks and tried to deflect.

Perhaps, if the people want genuine ownership, the PAP 4G leadership might not be the way forward.

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