Stability, growth and the wellbeing of people in Singapore

Drawing parallels between Cambodia’s and Singapore’s political history, Foong Swee Fong observes that economic growth and prosperity often come at the expense of democracy and the well-being of the people, urging a conversation about prioritizing democratic values over relentless pursuit of GDP growth.”

Desmond Lee’s attack on Lee Hsien Yang: The irony of PAP’s selective outrage

Opinion: Minister for National Development Desmond Lee’s recent fervent personal attack on Lee Hsien Yang highlights a glaring irony – the PAP’s selective outrage. As serious misconduct within their own ranks is met with silence, the party’s integrity is being questioned, throwing a harsh light on the double standards in their crisis management. “While Desmond Lee vehemently defends the government’s backing of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau’s investigation into potential corruption within its ranks, there appears to be a contrasting silence or lack of definitive action surrounding the case of Christopher de Souza, a fellow PAP member and Deputy Speaker of Parliament… …Similarly, the decision to retain Tan Chuan-Jin as Speaker of Parliament amidst the controversy of an extramarital affair, which the PAP has known about since at least 2020, highlights a troubling pattern within the PAP: a selective and biased response to allegations of misconduct based on party affiliation.”

Pritam Singh leaves it to the public to draw conclusions on the ‘uncanny coincidence’ of a viral video involving former WP MPs and PAP’s announcement of an affair between two of its MPs

During a press conference on Wednesday (19 Jul), WP Secretary-General Pritam Singh refrained from speculating on the timing and coincidence of the video exposing two former party members’ affairs just prior to PAP’s announcement of the affair of Mr Tan Chuan Jin and Ms Cheng Li Hui. However, he acknowledged that the question was on many people’s minds and left them to draw their conclusions about the ‘uncanny coincidence.’

Lim Tean urges PM Lee to call for election as more PAP scandals unfold

Amid a series of scandals engulfing the ruling party, Lim Tean, leader of the People’s Voice party, urges PM Lee to dissolve parliament and call for an election, emphasizing that a party in such a state is unfit to govern. He sees these developments as a significant lapse in PM Lee’s judgment.

A call for equitable accountability: Should a Committee of Privileges investigate PAP’s Tan Chuan-Jin scandal?

Opinion: Recent scandals within Singapore’s political landscape underline the need for equal accountability across parties – urging the question: should a Committee of Privileges probe into the Tan Chuan-Jin scandal as rigorously as it did the Workers’ Party’s Raeesah Khan case?

Parliament and its role in Singapore’s dictatorship

Opinion: Despite elections every five years, Singapore’s government power is fused and dominated by the executive arm, resulting in little internal check and balance. This blurs the role of the Parliament, raising questions about its effectiveness in upholding democracy and representing the will of the people.

SDP’s Chee Soon Juan blasts PAP leaders, calls for independent inquiries

Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of Singapore Democratic Party, criticizes People’s Action Party leaders over recent controversies, questions independence of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, and urges for an independent commission of inquiry into potential misconducts.

PAP in a crisis of a generation — Has the “Men in White” gone black?

Opinion: Amidst various scandals plaguing the People’s Action Party (PAP), Joseph Nathan questions the integrity of Singapore’s politics and suggests that the only honorable action for PM Lee is to step down, thereby preserving Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.

PAP-majority Parliament hijacks WP motion, holds back on reevaluating Singapore’s sporting ecosystem as a whole

The Parliament voted in favor of an amended motion put forth by Workers’ Party calling for the support Singapore’s athletes, but refrained from calling for a reassessment of sports management. Amendments proposed by Mr Darryl David were passed with the support of People’s Action Party MPs who are majority in Parliament, despite dissent recorded from all the Workers’ Party MPs and the Progress Singapore Party’s Non-Constituency MPs present.

Pritam Singh spotlights alleged gerrymandering in GRC System, leaving PAP without convincing rebuttals

Leader of Opposition, Pritam Singh questions the GRC system’s alleged use for gerrymandering, leaving the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) without direct responses to his concerns.