SDP conducts first walkabout for 2015

The Singapore Democratic Party had a head-start to the next general elections by conducting its first walkabout for 2015 on 25 January, Sunday, since launching its “Your Voice in Parliament” campaign earlier this month.

The walkabout began at  Marsiling Food Centre, and covered several markets and food centres around Marsiling, Fajar and Bangkit, which lie within the boundaries of Sembawang GRC and Bukit Panjang SMC.

Approximately 50 members and volunteers took part in the session, with SDP’s secretary-general Chee Soon Juan in the lead.

“We want to continue to be able to tell people that they need a voice in the Parliament – a voice that will help them articulate their concerns and their worries,” Dr Chee told media.

The party also noted that retirement adequacy through the Central Provident Fund, Singapore’s national retirement scheme, continue to be a concern among residents.

“Dr Chee approached a hawker who was selling a small plastic bag of clams and asked him how he was getting by,” as was reported on SDP’s Facebook page. “He replied in Hokkien: “Lun lor, mana oo pian.” (“I have to bear with it, what choice is there.”)”

SDP had promised that it’s campaign for the next general election would focus on proposing alternative policies for Singapore, with healthcare, housing, pension funds and education as some of its key drivers.

The party has also scheduled to release its economic policy paper next month, 7 February. Noting the purpose of the paper, SDP said earlier that:

“Our proposals are targeted at transforming Singapore into a country in which our citizens are genuinely happy and proud to call Singapore our home. We seek to achieve this by setting the following goals:

1. Change our economic philosophy and approach.
2. Build a fairer and more compassionate society.
3. Make our economic system transparent and accountable.
4. Foster innovation.
5. Free the people’s minds and raise productivity.”

All images – Singapore Democratic Party