PAP Victor Lye posts photos and says SGs don’t realise value of grassroots serving people

On Sunday (2 Feb), the losing candidate of People’s Action Party (PAP) at Aljunied GRC in the last General Election, Victor Lye, posted a message on his Facebook page.

Lye praised his grassroots volunteers and staff who “worked through Friday past midnight” so that the mask collection points would be ready in Aljunied GRC on Saturday morning (1 Feb).

“It was a mad rush to coordinate dates, times, manpower and other resources,” he said.

“Activating our volunteer led SGSecure Emergency Response Team which has been training quietly, we video conferenced on Friday late morning from our offices and drew up various plans within 4 hours. 1 hour later, our chosen plan was adjusted, coordinated and approved. By nightfall, we were putting up notices at every block.”

He said that the whole exercise reminded him of his battle procedure during his military days.

“We now have a ready and adaptable mobilization and execution template for the next crisis,” he said.

“Many Singaporeans don’t realise the value of our community grassroots network, working hand in hand with Government including our SAF and Home Team to serve our People.”

He then asked his volunteers to “pace” themselves as the mask collection will still be on for “many days, morning to night”.

“But the lessons we learn will endure,” he said.

He also posted a number of photos together with the Facebook post, some showing him “in action” distributing flyers to remind residents to collect their free masks.

On the flyer, it featured Lye’s picture prominently with him smiling. The flyer also stated that the masks should be used only when one is sick.

Despite losing to Workers’ Party in Aljunied GRC during the last general election in 2015, Lye has been appointed as the official “advisor” to the grassroots organizations in Aljunied GRC instead of WP MPs which are elected by the people.

And the government has said that it would distribute the free masks to residents via grassroots organizations, which is controlled by the People’s Association. So, as grassroots “advisor”, Lye would automatically be involved with the mask distribution to the residents in Aljunied GRC.

No doubt, some of the less informed residents might even feel grateful to Lye for giving out the free masks in times of need, when the masks are entirely funded by taxpayers’ monies through the national coffer.

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