In videos circulating on social media, a green SBS Transit bus is seen crashing into a lorry bearing the company name Lim Kim Huat Building Construction. The force drives both vehicles across the junction and the lorry hits a car that has stopped for the red light.

It was reported in the media last Thursday (16 Jan) that 2 passengers were taken to hospital after a road accident involving an SBS Transit bus, lorry and car at the junction of Braddell Road and Bishan Road.

The 2 passengers, one traveling on the lorry and another on the bus, were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The other bus passengers were evacuated and the bus was taken off service.

The lorry and the bus collided first, which pushed the lorry to the opposite side of the road, causing it to hit the stationary car which was waiting at the traffic light.

The car driver, who was unharmed, said, “It happened too quickly that I had no time to react… I am just lucky that I am okay.”

Confirming the accident, a spokesperson from SBS Transit said that its Service 93 bus was “traveling straight along Braddell Road when a lorry suddenly cut into its lane perpendicularly”.

The lorry driver, a 23-year-old Indian national, was arrested by the police on the spot for dangerous driving.

He told the reporter that he has been in Singapore for 1.5 years and has just obtained his Singapore driving licence three months ago. He has been driving for about 20 days. It was reported that he works for Lim Kim Huat Building Construction.

Popular blogger Philip Ang commented on his blog, “Businesses must be getting pretty desperate, trying to cut costs but unable to find an experienced driver from India’s 1.4 billion population.”


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